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    McMaster Carr will not ship to me in Canada. OK. So I emailed them back on the weekend and asked if I place an order can I have it shipped to a friends in the US.

    I was told they would not deal with me because I an not a business.

    So is this true? How many of you guys here are ordering things from them? Is everyone in business?

    Just wondering at this point.


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    Nope, we are not. Maybe it's a requirement 'cos you are outside the USA and using a non-usa credit card etc.


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      Tell them you are a business,they don't check.
      I do it all the time.
      When I go to Graingers, they ask what company I am with.
      I rattle off any company name that comes to mind.
      Many times there was another customer in line wearing a company shirt. I just point to the customer and say "that company".


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        When I registered, I just business name "Daves"
        Feel free to put me on ignore....


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          If you've got a process lined up with a friend in the US, you might just try placing the order over the web and either ignoring the company name, which I don't think is a required entry, or make up one of your own. Then make the ship to address the one for your friend. It should allow you a different ship to address and so long as the bill to address matches the credit card information it might go through.

          There's a subtly different hurdle for them if they have a complete order with accompanying payment to which they would have to say NO, compared to the question of "IF I order from you would you ship?"
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            I order from them fairly frequently and I don't think I ever claimed to be a business.
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              I order from there all the time. No business. I think I made up something in the company field but they've never asked about it. I'm lucky enough that I drive past their Chicagoland location on my way home from work. I just pick up my order at the will call window. That's probably a bad thing though because I've spent a lot of money there.
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                Yep, just used my name and paid with a charge card.

                PS If you haven't seen it they have a really awesome app for Android/Apple tablets.
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                  You must have sold something or charged something to make something sometime in your life. You are a business.

                  Just make up a name and give it to them. Pay with a credit card. You can get one with the business name on it just by applying if your credit is OK.
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                    Grainger has been known to ask for your sales tax number, which instantly separates the businesses from the non-businesses, who don't have one.

                    If you TALK TO McMaster, or nearly anyone else of that type, they will ask you the questions. Do on-line, pay with CC, no questions, it just happens.

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                      Get a US address credit card... or use a friends card and ship-to address.


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                        I have got some stuff from them in the past. I already have an account there. I forget how I got to the part of them not shipping to me. I am in business as a contractor though LOL.

                        Any Canadians getting orders delivered?

                        I will go ahead and just try to make an order and see what happens I think. I have one more place to check with in Canada first though.



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                          I've had a business set up as an S-Corp since 1989, so I've never had any problems. I have an open credit account at Grainger and Newark Electronics, but I don't order from them very often, and it's easier to use a credit card.

                          McMaster has amazing shipping, and if it's in stock in their NJ warehouse, I can order late night/early morning, and I have it at my door by noon of the next day. My latest order included some fairly heavy lengths of metal and everything came packed in a long cardboard box, for about $9 shipping. When I placed an order from Enco (which seems to have shipped from MSC), it came in five different packages, and one item, a little fishtail gauge that would have fit in a letter envelope, came packed in a 6" box via UPS. Shipping was free, but it must have cost them at least $6 for each of the packages, and the order was only $70 or so. I think some of the big companies must get much better deals from UPS than the average Joe or even small companies.

                          What's most amazing is the free shipping from China for items as low as $1.
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                            Careful with made up business names and McMaster.... It can cause all sorts of problems with refunds if they can't credit your card and have to cut a check. My card got stolen, so it got cancelled and a new one issued. As a result McMaster had to cut me a check, but would only do it in the company name. Took 2 weeks and quite a few phone calls to straighten out, and escalated pretty far up their accounting department.
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                              In the US ...

                              I've used McMaster several times, never claimed to be a business, never a problem.

                              Many years ago I tried Grainger at one of their shops. They asked "what company" and I said none... They said they only sell to businesses... A year or so, I tried them again ... I'd heard someplace that they got rid of that policy and would now sell to anyone. It was an on-line sale. The web site had a place to enter a business name & PO number and all that ... I left them blank. No problems.

                              Outside the US ... YMMV