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Home-Made wheel balancer project

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  • Home-Made wheel balancer project

    Anybody ever make a home-made wheel balancer or know of plans to make one. I can figure out the "A" frame and the center piece for the hub to sit on and the Bullseye level (which I can get at Home Depot ), but am trying to figure out how I should make the wheel "float" separately from the "A" frame to determine where the weights should be put on the wheel. Will be willing to settle on some other design if it is feasible. Seemed like a good and functional home project. Thanks all.

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    While at HD, check out a mower blade ballancer. The trick is for the support point or ball to be above the center of gravity. The higher the support is raised, the less friction will affect the reading, but the more sensative the level will need to be.


    If ya wannit done your way ya gotta do it yourself.


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      Bubble balancers only get you static balance. I hope this machining exercise is just for good drill, because static balancing of a wheel/tire is no guarantee it will perform/feel worth a toot, on the road.

      Dynamic balancers, such as the old machines that Bear used to sell, would be simple to fab when compared to the modern computerized marvels that incorporate several accelerometers.

      I wish I had a nickle for each hour I've spent playing with the old Bear machines. PM me if your interest is sufficient.