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Enterprise EL-2 lathe help

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  • Enterprise EL-2 lathe help

    I am a total noob as you will be ablt to tell soon enough, I just dragged home an Enterprise 1540 EL-2 lathe. I am looking for an instruction manual. I have searched far and wide for one with no avail. I thought I would try all avenues before posting. I just heard back from a company in India that can replace nearly any part I need but has no manuals. I would be more than happy to buy one, I am not asking for free.

    As a second option if anyone has experience with this lathe and can tell me what the knobs, dials and levers are for and how they work that would be great as well. I would prefer not to shove lever "B" forward before putting dial "A" in the upside down position and taking out all my gears in the process. I have/am disassembling most of it to clean and inspect it, while doing so I am also trying to see what lever is doing what to what, it helps a bit but not enough. If this is a "if no pics posted then it didn't happen" forum I will be happy to post pics ASAP. TIA. JK

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    Lathes don't really have instruction manuals but they do have a maintenance, basic operation (power switch's and controls), assembly and parts manual. Search the web for a similar type of lathe and see if a manual is available for one of them. Lathes from different Asian manufactures are usually similar.

    You don't need to post pics but if it was a really good score then it didn't happen without pics.. Pics might help someone explain things to you.
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      The Enterprise lathes are from India. I have a copy of a manual for a 1350 - 1550 Lathe. Nowhere does it mention EL-2, so it might be different. A photo would clear up the issue. While you are at it, post your location in case there is a "mentor" close by.



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        I have an Enterprise EL-2 1540 lathe. The manual is in a box somewheres; just not sure which box in the basement. I'll try to make an effort this weekend to see if I can find it.
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          Thanks people appreciate it. I don't know if it was a good score or not. I will post some pics up later tonight maybe. There was not alot of tooling but lots of extras that were made for it. It was a good score for me as it was owned by a 80 yo machinist. It was his home unit and it was willed upon his death to another machinist who let it sit in his heated garage for 20 years. It is very tight and has little wear on it. Best part. It was 3 miles away from me, Fire up the skid loader and bring it home in under an hour.

          I will need to set up an online photo whatchamahooey first I see.
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            Here are some pics hopefully. It is a disorganized mess for now. I have to go over and finish getting accessories


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                Enough pics Eh?