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bridgeport powered oilers

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  • bridgeport powered oilers

    Hopefully a quick daft question someone will know the definite answer to.
    Im at the point of wiring up the powered oiler for my bridgeport interact as I want to start using it, but its occured to me I do not know fully how it works. To be clear, this is the unit which is similar to the pull a plunger bijur type commonly found on manual machines, but instead of a plunger it has wires coming out of it.
    I dont have the old control or know how it controlled it however. Is it a unit which runs continually once the machine is powered up, or should it just be powered up periodically by the controls to do a oil shot once every x minutes runtime and at startup etc?
    I could try both, but hoping someone just knows and saves me the clean up or long term wear from getting it wrong.

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    I have the same unit on a BP cnc machine. Mine is 120 volts.It is on all the time the machine is on.
    There is an adjustment under the cap for volume.


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      Mrfluffy: Most of them are wired so that when the main power switch for the machine is on, the powered oiler is running. They (Bijur powered oilers) have a clock motor that delivers one pump every 8 hrs. They have cams that slowly push the plunger up once in 8 hrs. Three pumps in 24 hrs. Most people leave them on all the time.

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        Thanks. Ill wire it up so its powered when the main cabinet 3 phase is on. The machine is switched on at its isolator when its being started up to do some work so it can start up as part of that.