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OT: DSO Exploits?

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  • OT: DSO Exploits?

    I went back and looked through some previous threads.

    I'm running Ad-aware and Spybot.

    Spybot caught a lot of stuff after I let Ad-aware do its thing. But Spybot keeps coming up with DSO Exploits when I rerun it.

    Looks like this is nothing to worry about based upon what I found with a Google search. Is this true?

    Any other software I should be running?

    I still keep getting pop-ups at times. Is it time to get a router or will that help with this problem? (I know it helps with hackers/crackers so I plan on getting one anyhow.)


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    SpywareBlaster by Javacool is a good one. It stops a ton of stuff from ever being installed on your machine. As for pop-ups, you have turned off MS messenger off on your computer, correct?

    YES, get a router. My router seems to rendered all of these programs completely unnecessary. It is freaking great.

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      GOOGLE'S pop-up blocker is fairly good.
      STOPZILLA is better, But not free.


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        You're running XP...? I get that DSO Exploit warning too. It seems to be a Micros..t thing of some kind, from what I could learn. I don't know if it's anything to be concerned about or not.
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          Go here for a free fix.

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