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Gypsie's new paint, not for the faint of heart

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  • Gypsie's new paint, not for the faint of heart

    Hope you can see, the camera does it no justice.

    House of color black primer, shot over with UC35 clear with micro rainbow flake, then taped off and Kameleon Kf-01 and Kf-02 applied with airbrush, then topped off with 3 more clear coats, and 3 more tomorrow...

    By the way, Pasche airbrush, $65, Campbell Hausfield spray rig, $55.. 1 oz Kf-01, 20.95, 1 0z Kf-02 20.95, clear coat $65, Black primer $35, metalflake $35... and I got plenty left to do more bikes..

    This paint job is going on a Stroker dual plug-Jaguar carburetor-new Paugho Springer'ed and custom cut fatboy wheels bike. (my toy)

    I can't wait to see it in the sunlight. The metalflake looks black till you get up close then it sparkles like all kinds of diamonds.. the pictures do it no justice. The color shift on the Kameleon is dramtic from blue-green to purple and red to gold.. As you move around the parts the colors move like they are alive.

    David. (having several beers now) Whoo hoo...

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      Ohh yeah I forgot..

      Something shiny, I gotta go.. WHoo hoo..



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        That's wild. The paints available today are amazing.


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          Some real artistic talent there. Well done.
          To invent, you need a good imagination - and a pile of junk. Thomas A. Edison


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            Nice job David!
            Did you spray your boots too?

            They sure look shinny.

            That reminds me. The guy I did a 49Merc for a few years back wants it repainted. Said he's only been winning 3rd place since he banged it up pulling it onto his trailer.


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              Ya goof, them are motorcycle saftey shoes with reflectors.

              Mikey's shoes to be exact. We started this lil project together, He is the real painter and the one who turned me onto the $55 paint gun. BH? 6500 campbell Hausfield that is a clone of the binks gun.

              WE started spraying, I had bought two ozs of kameleon off ebay, the airbrush goofed up, we got out a cheap HF one, it was JUNK and would not work, Mikey got tore up, we had masked them flames for hours. I dissassembled the Pasche and cleaned the previous paint out and luckily it worked just great from there.
              THE black is just House of color primer. Kinda neat since it don't have any real high dollar paint on it.

              Under incadesent lighting that Kameleon is really hard to see to spray, Mike started it and I got to take over. I think his nerves was shot with me breathing on the back of his neck. ( we been buddies since the 70's ) Mikey then shot the clear, since it was so dark it was a "feel" spray job. He has been painting since the early 70s.

              I want to try, a factory (color) paint job with Kameleon thinned 5x1 flames. I heard they make the best ghost flames out. Most people shoot them with pearl, but the kameleon would still have more color flip flop. Give you something to try. Thining out the 1oz. of paint would give you just about enough to do some flames.

              (too many beers, got indigestion)

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                And the tank ?????????????


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                  This hits the category of super neat!
                  I just need one more tool,just one!


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                    Tanks are painted to match but not very photogenic at the second.

                    See, I do have a set.. Them were buggers..

                    WE did non-repetitive flames on everything. They only match in size, not in licks like "bag of flames" like so many bikes and cars.



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                      ibew- you've got to get those bad boys out in the sunshine and get some pictures. Just let us know before you do so we can turn the brightness down on our monitors...


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                        Geeze Louise..

                        Sanding them edges down flat on the graphics.. all the lil humps where the Kameleon is higher then the clear. One slip of the sandpaper and goodbye work and materiels.. (Kameleon is like lil prisms, if the sandpaper ever touched them they'd be ruined) Final coats of clear soon.

                        WE got them roughed up and ready for the last coats today thou. Mikey is going to shoot them here in a bit. I was stressed out and had to leave.

                        A very good reason I don't do that kind of work often.



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                          That looks like a really nice job! I understand how difficult it is to photograph a paint job and have it come out. It always seems like the photo never does it justice.

                          NRA Life Member, and loving every minute of it!
                          NRA Life Member, and loving every minute of it!


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                            Ooooooh Ya. Them flames be cool on some cars. Here's a pic of a 37 Chevy "Humpback" I did a while back. It's done in metal flake black. (Doesn't show in the pic though. ) Also, there's red metal flake ghost flames going from the front bottom edge of the front fenders to just over the top. There's also flames around the rear 59 Caddy "bullet" tail lights.

                            If the front looks different, it's because the fenders were widened 4" to get the wheels to tuck. Custom grile too.


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                              Reckon Capone rode in that car?

                              I love them old sedans..