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Hendi (sp) lathe parts

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  • JCHannum
    When you get that done, you can make a rack for my Dake arbor press.

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  • Thrud
    Delco Don

    Perfectly good reason to buy a big, ugly, homeless shaper that weighs 3 tons. A little love, a soft caress, 347 extra swear words - in nothing flat you have rolled your own. We are all so proud of you.

    Keep an old machinist from rolling over in his grave - buy a shaper and horizontal mill.

    Brought to you by the "Old Shapers need a warm shop too" fund - a none profit "because its there" organization.

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  • halfnut

    Hendey, is the name you are trying to spell.

    Here's some pictures I found.

    Sounds like 12 pitch rack, doing math in head, so don't take this for gospel. Rack can be purchased but probably not to exact size you need, will have to trim it up on mill to fit. MSC, McMaster Carr and others carry this in stock.

    Good luck.

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  • colclark
    started a topic Hendi (sp) lathe parts

    Hendi (sp) lathe parts

    I have a Hendi (Hindy)lathe or that is what I was told the brand name is. The name tag reads: Sold by Manning, Maxwell, & Moore Railway& Machinists Tools & Supplies St. Louis Missouri. Patent date 1899.

    I have been looking for a long time for a rack gear that bolts to the bed and the apron gear runs in it carry the carriage back and forth.

    The rack is 1-9/16" X 1-1/8" and they come in about 30" lengths. I can't find my pitch guage but there are four teeth every 15/16". If some one has any information on where I can get some I will get a pitch guage and get it exact.

    Thanks for your help.