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Quikie Radius Turning for Tube Bender Dies

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  • Quikie Radius Turning for Tube Bender Dies

    Needed to make a 1-1/2" and 1-1/4" dies to round out my set for my JD2 clone.
    Trouble is my Logan 14 couldn't get the compound in front of the cut of the 11" diameter flame cut blank.

    Managed to turn it down to the required 9-1/2" but still couldn't get in front of it since my cross slide wouldn't fit under to cut the concave radius. So I made this quickie radius turning attachment, from 1" ID DOM tubing, 1" 1050 shafting, a piece of 9/16" dia O1 and some cold rolled.
    Take off the compound, and bolt it on. I made it bear on the saddle since it was so far offset. Hopefully dampens the vibration and reduces the stresses on the cross slide.

    Works great and gives a good finish. Sports a TT-321 insert that was dull on 2 corners which I chipped and ground off so it would fit through the 9/16" cross hole.

    I have had that rough turned blank bolted to the faceplate for 5 years, never seemed to have the time or priority to make an "involved" radius turner.
    This did the job and I got my long occupied faceplate back.

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    Looks nice, nice surface finish too, could you use a round tip to do the guide groove?,
    I suppose a radius former is just a big flange
    Super job