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OT Suggestions for Cataloging Software for Books

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  • OT Suggestions for Cataloging Software for Books

    I have a large collection of (mostly) soft cover automotive themed books. I'd like to catalog them so I can find a book without having to spend 10 minutes reading the book spines to find a particular book.

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a system they are using. Can be free or paid software. Would like a system that will put a picture of the cover on the file entry.

    I have a copy of "Collectorz" which has most of those features, BUT from what I can tell my collection is your collection by dint of a sharing feature. I don't want what I have on my shelves shown around the world. Software developer is located in Denmark, I think. I don't have anything to hide, just paranoid.

    Anyone have experience with Collectorz or other systems please comment, suggestions, etc.

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    Would any of these do it for you?

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      I read quite a bit and use a database program to keep track of the books I have read. I would go to the library and check out books only to discover later that I had already read them. I have a copy of the database on my phone and lookup the books to see if I had read them or not before checking them out. You can put a lot of detail for each book or not as you please. As far as pictures of the cover, I don't know - maybe (?). You could put a location designation of some sort which would be your own system.
      The program is called HanDBase by DDH Software and the cost is quite reasonable at around $15 to $20 or so and you can get it for many platforms. There are many (100's) databases already setup that you can simply download and start using right away. Or you can modify an existing or make your own from scratch. It doesn't require any programming skills at all. Might work for what you want and you can use it for many other purposes. I am going to use it for inventory of my shop equipment and supplies - when time permits.
      Hope this helps.
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        you enter by ISBN (or Library of Congress, or Title) and it fills in the data from amazon, and / or other sites. If someone else has entered a thumbnail of the cover you get that with no work on your part.

        You can choose to "share" or not. I paid $20 for a lifetime subscription. You can download your library database to excel to keep it on other devices so you're not tied to an internet connection.


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          I use open office's spreadsheet. Author, subject, title and a quick rundown of make & model for my tech/automotive books, as well as noting if they have a particularly good coverage of a particular subject. plot, characters, etc for my casual reading. Last field tells me where it's at, either box,(have book case boxes built for shed, they stack and have drop down doors. book case in the house or shop etc.

          Was a pain when I first set it up, but simple to add to and can search any heading with ease, but have to keep up on it.


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            My living room and two bedrooms are paneled with bookshelves. Just the fiction is over 5,000 volumes. I just shelve the fiction in alphabetical order, nonfiction by subject.

            If I needed to catalog them, I'd just use a simple text file, like how I catalog my DVDs and CDs.