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OT: Removing Charcow from Aluminum Pressure Cooker

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  • OT: Removing Charcow from Aluminum Pressure Cooker

    Yesterday my wife cooked up a recipe of beef, onions, tomatoes, Port Wine & rice stuff (it's really good) using her pressure cooker. Unfortunately the lid did not seal, and the water boiled out. (She was on a long conference call and didn't realize what had happened until too late.)

    So now we have an aluminum pot with a quarter inch or more of carbonized cow stuck to the bottom.

    I'm wondering: Is there some safe, non toxic chemical reaction that will clean this...some chemical that will combine with the carbon but not react with the aluminum or damage it in any way?

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    Make some soup.
    It can only add flavor.
    You might have the mak'ins of a great recipe there.


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      Try covering the base with water and boiling the pot. When the water boils it tends to start under the bottom coating and flake off the material stuck on the bottom. It may take several tries to get it all. It worked for me yesterday as the same thing happened - I was on the phone and the sausages I was cooking were burnt offering fit for a king! Adding about 0.25" of water to the pan and boiling for about 5 minutes loosed up the charcoal and with a swipe of the dish cloth the pan bottom was clean.
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        Vertical mill with long ball end mill and remove the first 0.245" of Charcow.


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          Yep pretty much just water, heat, work, time. Water is a great solvent.

          My fav is when I burn the hell out of pizza. I have learned you can just scrape off the burn cheese and eat the toppings, as the crust is a total loss.
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            I thought i saw somewhere that boiling cream of tatar in the water that you put in the pot, will cause the stuff to fall off. . . . . maybe my mind is slipping. . . but i did find a neat way to increase the usage of waffle irons


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              John and Black Moons...

              You guys have stumbled onto a new diet system.

              Definitely not 'Good Eats' :>)

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                Elbow grease, lots and lots of elbow grease.


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                  Boil some apples in it, mums recipe, cleans pans nicely


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                    Boil up some rhubarb stalks, comes up beautiful!
                    It contains Oxalic acid (AKA wood bleach), dissolves the carbon without dissolving the aluminium, works on two-strokes too...
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                      There you go, rhubarb and apples!, oxalic and muriatic, bound to shift something, rhubarb aka boiled used to be called in the army, squirt, I wondered why, well you won't be constipated after it lol


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                        Charcow??? At first I thought of another notorious poster who had a less than perfect grasp of the English language and had to look twice to see who started the thread. But, after reading the text of the post, I realize that John Hobdeclipe has excellent imagination and creativity and came up with the perfect word. Good job John!
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                          Leave it in a field with sheep for a week.
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                            Zep citrus based cleaner, available at good hardware stores or janitorial supplies. I use it to clean the pitch off saw blades and .250 thick burned on honey barbeque sauce from a baking pan.

                            Amazing stuff.


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                              I thought the same as Wes initially, and was going to post accordingly. Then I reconsidered ' Tis a clever play on words. Bob.