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beltgrinder belt glueing on tube

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  • beltgrinder belt glueing on tube

    According to these posters it can be done. Super glue, wood glue etc.
    They also need half the amound of wheels guides and gizmos to make these home made machines work as opposed to the "professional" machines.
    Dig a little deeper and you will find a few very interesting disk grinders which would desintegrade in due time according to western technology.

    Have not tried this myself yet. Waiting for somebody else to do the legwork

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    Think I got the gist, and can understand in certain situations you might want/have to do this but generally, "why?"


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      Gluing a sanding belt? No thanks. Not when I can order them from enco for less than $5 each. Not worth my time.


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        That has got to be the worst DIY video I have ever labored through.
        Don't think I will watch it again.
        I cut it off twice and it's still too short!


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          I'd like to know what the reinforcing fabric, and the iron on adhesive were. Might be good for other uses.


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            J Harp, from what i understand a piece of kevlar tape.
            These videos show that it is possible to glue a belt with over the counter products.

            Unlike last years thread with common opinion: you have to use a special glue that is delivered frozen from x supplier.

            I think it is a pitty you think you can buy everything. Think of all the things you can do when using your imagination.
            Using strips of scrotchbrite to get a satin finish. Finer grit thats not avalable in the size you need. Narrow belts to get into curves. Glueing after you loop it through your workpiece for internal sanding.
            Or just glue a broken belt that was stored wrong.


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              Originally posted by interiorpainter View Post
              It's videos like that, that cause me to hardly ever look at one. People that can't talk without waving their hands around and the camera work looks like it was being held while
              applauding some politician or a parade. It's enough to make one sick with vertigo. :-(


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                Lew, I certainly agree about the waving camera. That is very annoying as well as keeping one from getting a good look at things. It's not just the Russians doing it either.

                I was interested in this one because I had broken a 1 inch belt yesterday, it wore through the increased thickness of the splice, similar to the second splice shown. I just said Oh well, I've got another polishing strip for use with the lathe.

                I had not seen that first sort of jig and method of making a joint, I thought it was interesting even though I couldn't understand a word of the description.


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                  You know you can use the slidebar to scroll through a video. A nice feature when looking at car how to's. Btw i do not think waving is as bad as using an iphone sideways.
                  He is taking the abrasive layer of the belt to thin it down in order to prevent "the bump". Bet it holds the glue better as well.

                  This gent is using pva glue and making nice things.
                  The teeth form of the joint do not seem to hold up.
                  I bet i can tease Gunsmither into trying some of these.