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Repair Ideas for mill ways?

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  • boslab
    Wood grain effect!, it's a bit gnarly, whatever you use stooping the cause is vital, you could epoxy a ground strip on both sides maybe, or just get it reground

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  • Boostinjdm
    started a topic Repair Ideas for mill ways?

    Repair Ideas for mill ways?

    I picked up a Millrite MVI last week and tore it down for cleaning and repairs before putting it to use. I found some pretty significant gouges on the knee where the saddle rides. I'm looking for cheap ways to improve the condition of the damaged ways. I do not want to spend much money on this thing, and it does not need to be perfect. I just can't leave it as is. I have a full size mill already and pretty much bought this for drill press duty.

    Best idea I've come up with so far is to machine the surface down. Or build it up and then machine it back to original height. It will fit in my full size mill, but set up will be very difficult.

    Any ideas?