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  • !5% off ENCO SALE

    For two days only, take an additional 15% off* sitewide, on your order of $99 or more! Simply enter promo code: 2DAY423 prior to checkout.

    Hurry! Log on to today. Offer ends 4/24/15 at 11pm ET.

    Please old tiffle don't ban me from the forum for trying to save mebers $$ PLEASE! I have a wife kids & dogs BTW In that post I told you I was done playing & when you kept on is when I said play with yourseft which had nothing to do with your referenced to all the perverted links you posted. Maybe I should have said play by yourseft instead as I certainly didn't mean masterbation as you linked to. Down under must have a different meaning also. No hard feelings here & please don't pervert that either, Thanks!
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    "Let me recommend the best medicine in the
    world: a long journey, at a mild season, through a pleasant
    country, in easy stages."
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