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How many vise jaws do you have?

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  • How many vise jaws do you have?

    I noticed I have 7 pairs of jaws for my milling machine vise. The original, hardened jaws; same size aluminum; homemade tall steel; homemade tall and wide aluminum; and three homemade sets of sacrificial aluminum jaws. The hard jaws are used about 90% of the time and the oversize aluminum set will cover most of the other needs and the others are for special needs. It is nice having jaws that I don't mind modifying or adding holes/pins/features for the occasional odd job.

    Maybe that is why I made a little tool just for changing jaws (see my post at the top of:


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    When you walk by your vice do you get the Jaws movie music in your head?


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      Me? Two vises for the mill, both 6" Kurts. One set of OE hard jaws each, single pairs of tall and normal 6" aluminum, one 12" long aluminum that I bought used before I got the second vise, and one set of soft steel.


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        Originally posted by flylo View Post
        when you walk by your vice do you get the jaws movie music in your head?


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          Thanks to Monster Jaws I have lots of mill vise jaws - steel and aluminum soft jaws modified with steps, milled for special jobs, oversize, and new ones ready to use for the next dumb thing I get myself into.

          Frank Ford


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            I haven't made any extra jaws for my milling vises yet, but for my bench vise I have aluminum, wood (oak), and soft rubber like jaws. All of them are magnetically attached.
            Paul A.
            SE Texas

            And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
            You will find that it has discrete steps.


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              I get tired of constantly changing the jaws on my vice. Its pretty hard to beat Monster Jaws as frank posted.