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    Tom Hoover remembered here:

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    Sorry to hear of this.
    I have followed Tom Hoover's exploits since the inception of the Ramchargers, a group of 8 Chrysler engineers who had a desire to go drag racing in their spare time. With Tom's innovative ideas they soon set some very impressive records and brought the sport into the corporate mainstream. The auto manufacturers soon learned to race on Sunday, sell on Monday. Tom made that transition a profitable one.
    Tom was originally a physicist but soon got his masters degree in automotive engineering while working for Chrysler.
    With Tom's incredible talent at the engineering level I'm sure he was probably responsible for much of Chrysler's sales success.
    R.I.P. Tom you've definitely left a legacy.
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      Wow, Tom Hoover/Ramchargers....that brings back a lot of memories, sounds & smells from the 60's & 70's! What an innovative group of engineers. To think Fiat (spit) bought Chrysler lock, stock & barrel.

      Another great Chrysler link from tlfamm in the Gunsmithing forum: Chrysler's amazing job of building a zillion Bofors 40mm cannons in WWII. A must read!

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