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Making Hex/Torx screw

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  • Making Hex/Torx screw

    Over the weekend, I was taking apart the gearbox on one of my motorcycle. I use a muffin tray for putting all the fasteners as I remove them, however the tray was rather precariously balanced on piles of stuff. You guess it, it tipped and the parts went flying to all the dark crevices of my garage. After more than an hour of moving boxes of "stuff" and looking under everything with my flashlight on my knees, I've managed to recover all but one fastener. It's a metric bolt with a Torx head. The dealer said it will take 2 weeks, so I'm really tempted to make my own. The screw has two shoulders with a M12 thread. The only problem is creating the Torx screw head. How do you do this? Perhaps I can make 3 more and convert all of them to Allen hex, but it doesn't seem any easier. Perhaps I can buy a stock Torx bolt and saw off the just the head and braze it on the screw portion that I can machine. Any idea?


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    most screw heads are made in a process called "heading" obviously, where they are cut off from the wire and slammed with a die to form the shape of the head,(very simplified). My Chrysler 2.2 engine uses them to hold the harmonic balancer on, and they are the external type, which screw up very easily, so the last timing belt change i threw them all away and used socket thead cap screws. Check with other suppliers if you gotta have 'em, otherwise you've got your work cut out for you to make 'em.


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      You can broach a female torx or socket head in a bolt by drilling a hole close to the distance across flats, and then pressing a torx or allen wrench which has been ground square into the hole.

      Maybe you can do a similar operation with a socket wrench. You have two weeks to try it.

      How much stuff did you find that you didn't know you had while you were looking for the bolt?
      Jim H.


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        Don't now if this will help or not.

        Try these guys, they specialize in metric.:
        (they could be out of business, but I doubt it)

        Fabroy Metric Fasteners
        91 Golden drive, Unit 12
        Coquitlam, BC V3K 6R2

        604-944-1725 (ph)
        604-944-1728 (fax)

        These guys have a large Allen Hex head and Torx stock (or did a few months back) and also do custom stuff (oilfield):

        Westward Profasteners
        14260-123 avenue
        Edmonton, AB T5L 2Y3

        780-454-8181 (ph)
        780-451-8180 (fax)