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appears to be a high quality document teaching auto painting

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  • appears to be a high quality document teaching auto painting

    I learn a lot by reading. Probably some people nowadays prefer to watch videos. But I like well written well edited information that I can hold in my hand or take on an airplane. For a long time I wondered how to use a tool & cutter grinder, for example. Then I found one book which was really stellar. (This isn't about that ..)

    I make things. I fix things. I restore things. In the end, I always have to paint things. I know very little about painting. I don't know how to learn more about painting short of taking a technical college course in auto body work. I have friends who do these amazing paint jobs and I wish I could too. Lately I've been considering HVLP, something I *really* know nothing about. I stopped at a Wesco store today and talked to the counter guy. Late 50s, been into cars since the muscle car era. He showed me a printed out bound version of a document. I realized I'd struck gold. When I got home I quickly found it and downloaded it. Lots of very useful information about painting. Here ya go .. - metalmagpie

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    Very good, Thanks you! I painted a few bike & cars in my youth with some very nasty/toxic stuff but like asbestos it worked well & no one doing it knew. Thanks for the link!


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      Certainly explains why good paint work costs so much.

      Anyone else have computer issues after linking to the PPG site?