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i got lucky and bought myself a vertical Kondia and a horizontal Pederen

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  • i got lucky and bought myself a vertical Kondia and a horizontal Pederen

    I got lucky, i hope, and found myself a early 80s Kondia vertical mill and a 1962 Pedersen horizontal.
    Both in excellent condition, although i havent powered them up and the electric lines to the grid were cut off.
    Both have been "working" in a vocational school from new.
    The building contracor, a small dad/son business, given the job of tearing down the internal structures of a part of the school and rebuilding them, was to get rid of them, probably meaning scrap them.
    The son thought it a waste and that he could make a buck out of them and placed them on the local craigs.
    I was the first to offer real money and to contact him on the phone.
    Went there to have a look at the machines and bought the Kondia.
    After having arranged extraction out of the building, that is where the catch was, they had to be taken out of the building by crane, i found that transport home by the crane company was fairly cheap so i bought the Pedersen as well.
    He had had no offers for the Pedersen and if i hadnt taken it it would have gone to the scrapyard.

    The Kondia is missing the fine feed hand wheel.
    I found a manual on the internet and there it stated that feed lever and handhweel could be taken off when not in use.
    They apparantly didnt use the fine feed hand wheel and it has gone missing.
    I wil have a shot at making one but the drawings i found on the internet are not that clear and picture the old model of the head so there might have been some changes in the new head.

    For transport i turned the head of the Kondia down to the table.
    I would have expected some oil to come out of the gitts type oiling point.
    But not a drop came out.
    After turning the head up again i filled the oiler but it would only take a couple of cub cm, 1/8 cub inch,.
    Is that normal?

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    Sounds like an airlock