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left handed 5 mm nut?

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  • left handed 5 mm nut?

    My friend has a Dodge 94 Caravan and the nut fell off of the radiator fan motor. It appears to be 5 mm and left handed. MSC and Enco don't appear to have anything like this. Chrysler has the motor, fan and shroud available as an assembly for around $450, but the nut is not available separately. It seems to be crazy that he would have to spend that much money for the whole thing when all he needs is a nut that should cost less than a dollar.

    Anyone have any good ideas on how to fix it?

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    I'd try some wrecking yards as a first step.
    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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      Did you try McMaster Carr, or a bolt distributor?
      If you just can't find a nut, make sure it really is a 5mm LH, then buy the cheapest tap available. If you can't find a tap, or don't want to wait, just single point one out on the lathe.
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        Okay, here's what I would do.

        Go down and buy a grade 5 hex head bolt that has a head on it that is of sufficient size. Cut the head off and use that for the new nut blank. Then put in lathe, face and left hand thread. Your buddy will think you're a genius!



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          Depending how much pressure is on the nut you could make one out of aluminum or brass. If you do ensure you use neverseize or something so it won't corrode to the bolt. If tou can get or turn a left hand metric bolt then cut or grind a single or two flutes in the threads. Then by hand or in the lathe use it as a tap. Both aluminum and brass are soft enough to cut with steel. I once made a wierd ball thread tap out of mild steel to cut threads in a peice of brass for an adjustment device for a satalite dish for some one. For cutting a softer material and not for production work a bolt will cut fine. You also may have the option of making two nuts or a longer one if you have the thread length to take into account the softer material. Her are some sites that may tap taps or nuts.


          After researching the internet it is not going to be an easy item to find. Good luck.


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            Did someone work on the cooling system? Make sure the fan is spinning in the correct direction. The leads could have been reversed. I've never seen left hand threads on a fan motor. These usually rotate in a manner to tighten the nut. Of course Dodge has always had "break through" engineering though.

            Yep, just checked my listings and the 93-95 don't list individual parts. It's sold as an assembly.(Part# 4644367)

            91-92 show parts but there's three different units for those years.

            I would go to the junk yard and look for a 93-95 Minivan and get the nut.

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              Now is that "breakthrough engineering" or "Screw you, you'll buy the parts from us engineering"?



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                Found a left-handed tap in the MSC catalog for about $11. The suggestion about cutting off the head of a bolt and drilling and tapping it is good. I have more tools than I know how to run--my SB lathe could cut this but I can't cut right handed threads let alone left handed. A tap I can handle. Thanks--Mike.


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                  No Mike, that's "break clean through engineering".


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                    Mikem- Victor mach. exchange Inc. 1 800 723 5359 has LH metric taps. $6- 5mm x .8 BTW they have "special tap & die`s". EG 7/16" x 12-16-18-24-27-28-32 !!! Also Involute Gear cutters EG dp 16 14 1/2 pa $31-. Agood catalog. Jim



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                      A half minute search on McMaster's site for "nuts left" got me to a M5, left hand, grade 8.8 flange nut available in pack of 50 for $14.79. Part # 94920A300.

                      They often sell smaller quantities at a slightly higher per piece price. And I only looked down one path under left hand nuts, they likely have many more.

                      Common hardware. Hardly worth the work of making one. But try finding a left handed wood screw!


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