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Off Topic. HELP How do I copy and paste Craiglist add to this forom ?

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  • Off Topic. HELP How do I copy and paste Craiglist add to this forom ?

    I saw an unusual box truck on craigslist. It had a built in overhead hoist.I wanted to share it on this forum . When I copy and paste the add into my post ,it shows up but not in the clickable blue text. Another member was able to make this happen .What do I need to do? I think that I was able to do this in the past. Did some make work programer IMPROVE something or am I just stupid.Thank you, Edwin

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    I've never done a CL link but shouldn't it just work with the usual link to a url? that should be a turret lathe in Austin Texas.
    Is that what you want?

    If just photos, I usually download to my computer, go to tiny pic, put it there, and then post the link they give here, you can do it so just the link gives or you can do it so the actual photo is in this bbs post.

    I have to keep reminding myself that some photos disappear more quickly than others (e.g. EBay photos or a current auction or CL)

    Edit: OK, that link works at the moment, I just found the item in question, click on the url, click on the link icon (globe with a 'link' under it, 2 row down, fourth box, first icon/symbol), paste that url into your post. IF I just wanted to have the photo as reference, save the image to where you want and then at a later date you could just post the photo without all the CL info etc. Sometimes it is not all that smooth, don't know why, assume is just me doing something odd. The part I have not figured out yet is you can also post the same link but contain it in a single word, so somehow the word "lathe" could be in blue, clickable and take you to that same ad or photo hosted elsewhere.
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      You can do it one of two ways. If you put it on a separate line by itself all you need to do is to copy the url from you browser and paste it on it's own line like this.

      If you would like to either insert it in an existing sentence or include it as part of the dialog in a sentence then copy the url as above and check on the little globe with the chain link. This opens a spot for you to insert the url.

      You also have the option of of highlighting a word or words, then clicking on the above link button in order to include it that way, like truck with crane. This turns whatever was highlighted into a hot link.

      You can practice this by using the advanced reply option as this gives you the opportunity to try it out before posting just so you know that the links work as intended.
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        Here is the whole story.
        Operating system Microsoft, Vista
        Browser, EI- 9
        I go to craigslist ad and put my arrow on the Thing called the url
        I left click and it turns blue
        I right click copy
        I go to home shop forum and paste the url into my thread.
        The url appears, but it is NOT IN BLUE AND DOESNT LINK TO THE CRAIGSLIST AD.
        It seems to me that everytime I try to do someting on my computer that I havent done for three or four months something is allways diferent.
        It makes me crazy.Thanks in advance for your help.Edwin
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          The link to your URL won't work until AFTER you post it on the forum. If you try it while it's still in the 'reply' box, it won't work.

          The link in your post above works perfectly.


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            My experience has been there are some pretty simple things that can make it go scooters...missing something in what you mean to copy completely, a bracket or brace are typical for me as they are at the ends and I am trying to do things too fast; some instructions are very similar so you can end up posting the actual photo instead of just the link; if you are using photo storage you can be following instructions for a different photo storage set up or web site; you can be trying to post something that does not work on the particular site you are trying to post to (or, of course there could be some sort of odd log in or membership needed); you may end up with a link within another partial link, done that a few times most often relating to the copy and pasting aspect or the "img" tags needed.

            Willy: thanks for explaining the highlighting of a word


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              Thanks for the replies,Edwin