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    Any body out there ever make some decent wind chimes. I would like to know what metal and what size tubing and wall thickness would make the best sound. If anybody out there has done this I would appreciate the help so that I dont have to waste money buying tubing that isnt gonna sound good.

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    The harder it is the better it rings. That's why bells are often bronze.
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      Once had a really nice set of chimes that were tuned to sound oriental. I have no real knowledge of music and tonal relationships for pleasing sounds, but when you make you chimes, cutting the tubes to the right length for proper sound will use a lot of material unless you know what notes (read frequencies) you'll want ahead of time. Trial and error is wasteful and a well tuned set of chimes, as opposed to random lengths of pipe, can sound so much more pleasing to the ear. My old, long lost wind chimes were tuned to a more oriental tonic scale and the made a most pleasing sound.


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        Lotsa stuff here. s_dt=i&as_sitesearch=&safe=images


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          Most wond chimes I've seen are made from EMT electrcial conduitot DIY aluminum tube. Neither have pleasant ringing qualities.

          If you can stand the cost, get some silicon bronze tubing. It's a dard tough copper alloy having a marvelous ring full of the the high harmonics that are so pleasing to the ear.

          Of course the best stuff is 2% silver bell bronze tubing but who can afford that.


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            I made many, from copper, bronze, aluminum and sometimes glass as a clapper.

            If you can find a place that refurbs pipe organs you can get the making of some really great wind chimes.

            Here is a neat trick, using a 2 inch or larger tube, put a solid clapper inside and then put more clappers on the outside. Two tones



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              Hard copper pipe--type K, I think is what I used. Type L didn't sound as good. The EMT chimes sound good, but look so cheap. Solid 6000 series aluminum in sizes up to 1/2" or so, is good too. Tuned mine by ear but it can be confusing if there are alot of overtones. An electric guitar tuner would be a big help and only cost about $20. Thanks--Mike.


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                For a variation on a theme - Does anyone know of a suitable metal for making 'singing bowls'?

                I think the old hand made bowls were hand hammered. I thought about spinning but I don't know if the hammering work hardens the metal better than spinning and creates a better sound. Anyone know?

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                  Look in Guy Lautard's "The Machinist's Second Bedside Reader". On page 136 he has an article on making wind chimes. He used heavy walled brass tubing, 3/4" OD x 5/8" ID. Hope this helps.
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                    I've made a couple sets, one out of hardware store 1" aluminum tubing (okay, but not great) and one out of 1" copper tubing (a lot better). I took the dimensions off one of the better-quality commercial sets and copied them.

                    There was an article somewhere, I think in an old issue of Model Engineer, that explained how to calculate the lengths and where to drill the holes for the hanging cords. Maybe John Stevenson, who seems to have an encyclopedic knowledge of all back issues of ME, can provide a pointer....

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                      The last set I made were from 1/2 0.35 stainless steel instrument tubing, cut off lengths 12" to 24" in segments of 2"

                      I made a clapper out of wood. Put a rigid sail on it.

                      This was so beautiful in sound. My young daughter pulled it down on her head. It was quite heavy so I had to check her out for needing stitches.

                      I have not put it back up. The reflective of the stainless made lights dance on the ceiling of the porch it was on.

                      This was while I lived in town. Not put it back up.. yet..



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                        if you can find them try large caliber spent shell casings 20mm 40mm and up .

                        older the better -more recent stuff is brass -lots of zinc
                        older seems to be more bronze like.


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                          thx for the suggestions and help.