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    To all.
    Just bought a Myford in nice shape, 42in bed and will be looking for a face plate, fixed steady and a 4 jaw also the outside jaws for the 3 jaw, anyone got any ideas where I would find used at reasonable prices.

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    Contact Guy Lautard, he sells taps for Myford backplates (rare as an honest politian) and sells the machines and parts for them. Vancouver, B.C. is a wee closer than England.

    Have fun with your lathe!

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      Thanks Thrud.
      Have been in contact with Guy today and he has been pretty helpfull, trouble is everything is so bloody expensive and of course prices are in pounds so everything is near two& half times, I was just hopeing that I could find something used, will have to get the old ladies long stocking out.


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        The problem with Myford is, well - Myford. They like to keep things proprietary so you keep coming back to them for goodies. If you take care of the lathe, the damn thing will last forever - well made, yet non-standard.
        That is why I mentioned the Tap from Guy for the face and back plates, a tought nut to find! You could start skulking around eBay, stuff could come up - check local auctions and sales as well, you never know what might jump out at you!

        Good hunting!

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