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stacking slitting saw blades together

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  • stacking slitting saw blades together

    Have you ever stacked slitting saws together to make different slot widths?

    Say two 1/16" blades to make a 1/8" slot?


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    You can do anything you want to but for what it costs, get the size you need. Slitting saws should not be stacked - but it is sometimes done. A 1/8" carbide endmill is under $10 in Canada (made in USA) and 1/8" slitting saws are under $15 (Swiss).


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      I've done it, but as Thrud says, it will likely work better if you get the size you need especially if you need an exact width. The width of the final slot is determined in part by the tooth "set," and when you stack two saws together you pretty much eliminate the "set" (as far as adding to the width is concerned) on the saw faces that are together.
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