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  • surface grinder manufacture

    Hi All
    Would any one have an idea where this surface grinder was made. I don't know that the US manufactors use the Ltd abrevation very much. My guess is either England or Canada. I purchased this machine in a basket. The machine is hydralic operated. The arm on the table shifts the valve for the back&forth motion. The other lever on the base starts the table movement.

    I wire brushed all of the old paint off,probably a big mistake as the old paint was probably lead paint. Never gave that a thought:eek.I was not real carefull with the dust mask.Thanks.

    Hope this works.
    Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.

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    Sheffield, England I believe Charlie.
    Very interesting machine! Do you know any of it's history & how old it is?
    Thanks for showing it


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      Not necessarily. "Ltd." is used frequently in the US too. It could be Sheffield, Ohio. It says Patented on the label. Look for a patent number on part of the machine. That would tell for sure.

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        Then if you find a patent number, google up uspto and type it in. If you have the correct TIFF software [available free at USPTO] you can get an image of the relevent old patent pages. I just did that for my latest Ebay treasure, 2680993. Complete operation manual, for free...


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          Since it is painted Alistair Green, it must be British manufacture.
          Jim H.


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            What I want to know is,just how much did you have to trade Alistair for that gallon of green paint?
            I just need one more tool,just one!


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              "That's it" I am setting up a twent four hour seven day a week watch some of my paint stock(highly valued) (as used by monet and Glasgow corporation council bus garage)is being stolen.Actually I think the next door neighbour is drinking it his tongue looks worse than johns ready for the de-koter roller I have suddenly gone off green don't know why I think I will paint my lathe something else any ideas? c'mon guys Alistair
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                Flat black? May be less likely to cause heart problems...
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                  It's a Snow grinder made in Sheffield England.
                  I must admit that I never knew they did surface grinders.
                  They were famous for Ring Grinders and the type you call Lumsden machines.
                  The ring grinders were in two types, one a cross between a surface grinder and a Lumsden and the other was a flat bed grinder, similar to a large wood planer where the horizontal ring wheel appeared out of the bed.
                  Very popular with engine reconditioners as these could reface a cylinder head in minutes without any setting up. You just used these like a wood planer.
                  The first type were very popular in steelworks of which Sheffiels was world famous at one time. They were used for grinding to edges of coiled strip to width.

                  The Blanchard type were just convention vertical grinders with an rotary electromagnetic table. As I say Blanchard made these in the US, Lumsden and Snow made these in the UK.

                  I have no idea what happened to the company.

                  John S.

                  Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                    Herb, I do not know any of the history of the machine. A local business had the machine and I have no idea where they got it.

                    I do believe that it is English as the old motor was a 50 cycle and (480 volts if I remember correctly). The orginal pully hub was cracked and some one had schrunk a band around the hub. I did away with the motor and purchased a 5hp motor and a new pully.

                    The new pully was so far out of balance that you could feel the viberation in the machine. I had the pully balanced and it works alright.

                    Thanks for the replys, it would be interesting to find out how it made it to the states.
                    Weird I will never tell.but you see the new machine that Alistair has.
                    Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.


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                      Nice grinder.

                      I saw a steam tractor model in the last picture in the album. It looks super. What scale? 1:5, 1:8? I am in southern Iowa and there are people around here (but not I) who restore the real ones.

                      Paul A.
                      Paul A.
                      SE Texas

                      Make it fit.
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                        The tractor is 1/4 scale.
                        It is a working modle that was made from castings.
                        Don\'t ask me to do a dam thing, I\'m retired.