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  • Latest project gun rest

    This is my latest project a custom made gunrest with attachment for high rise silhouette guns. This is a good project for the beginner. And a picture of a customized pistol I built by hand started out looking like the one bellow.

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    Nice work Mike!
    Glad you were finally able to get into Photobucket.

    I looked and looked and looked but I just can't figure out where that sparkplug goes.

    Another compaint--That shop is way too clean.


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      Inspiring work...


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        The spark plug goes in that dam Merc Outboard I can't get to run right.


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          Very nice work gundog!!!!

          What's up with that scope mount? I have never seen anything like that before. You have some very nice pistols there. In canada you can't have much fun with pistols. Thanks for sharing those nice pics of your excelent work.


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            really fine work. What calibers?? Like the rest a lot, may look into making one for my self.

            Paul G.
            Paul G.


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              I love the pistol rest, DOn't think much of the parralax problems that come with a scope mounted that high off the bore, The more parralax the more inaccurracies at the arc of bullet travel to the straight line of scope angular difference to the bore. I tried a bolt pistol for a while, went back to my 44 ruger wheelgun..

              OR at least with my target rifles. I used to mill the handle off AR15's.. I was happy when SGW came out with the ultra-match flat top.. I am told there are numberous companies producing them now.

              Nice work.



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                I thought I might get a few questions about the guns. The pistols on the bottom are both .22 LR the pistol on the top is chambered in 7MM BR. All of the pistols are for shooting Metallic Silhouette competition. It is a very fun shooting sport filled with great people. The top gun picture is a Remington XP-100R "R" standing for rear grip, This gun is shot standing. The scope is a Weaver target rifle scope. The gun is held by the grip in the right hand (for right handed people) and the scope on the other hand, it is a very stable position for standing with a pistol. The caliber is a 7MM bench rest, the barrel is a custom barrel made by Pac-Nor barreling Brookings, Or. The barrel has a screw on muzzle brake made specially for the barrel by a gunsmith friend of mine. With out the muzzle break it would sock me in the eye when shot, remember rifle scope not pistol scope only 3" or so of eye relief. The class shot with this gun is standing unlimited, shot at targets from 50 - 200 yards. This is not a good setup for hunting due to the sight settings changing a lot from distance to distance but we shoot at the same distance over and over so we record sight settings for each distance.

                The bottom 2 guns are Savage .22 LR the one with the tag is new and the start to what will look like the top one when I am finished. I start out stripping it down to just the action and build from there. The laminated stock is carved out of a block of wood. When you change from rear grip to center grip you must use a new trigger assembly and fabricate some linkage. The trigger is made by a fellow IHMSA member by the name of Mike Dewey it was designed for the original rear grip and modified by yours truly. The trigger on this gun is adjustable for pull weight and travel. The trigger is adjustable for pull from 2 LB to 2 OZ. This was a fun project and made me realize I wanted to do this kind of stuff for a hobby. This is a one of a kind gun designed and built from an idea I had in my mind (scarey place). I have attached a link to the IHMSA web site check it out and if they have a match near by go and shoot. I want to add these are custom made pistols but you do not need one of these to compete these are unlimited class guns. The most popular classes are shot with stock guns.

                The rest is one of my first real machine projects since buying my mill and lathe. I have built 3 of these and I am building 2 more. I wanted to learn how to use my machines and these are great projects for that. I did not want to start by machining on high dollar guns due to the learning curve. I have a bucket full of oops parts but each one gets better and I learn something on each one. The top on the rest I purchased from Sinclair but it could be easily made as well and I will be making the next ones and buying the leather sand bag on top. If you don’t want to build the top they sell for $57 from Sinclair. Sinclair makes similar rests they are very expensive, but after seeing how much time it takes me to make one of these I can see why.
                Thanks for the interest Mike


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                  I have several model 788 rem. around left by customers who upgraded to newer seal guns. I have always admired the looks of the xp100. With the insentive your photos caused I think this winter I am going to start converting some of those 788s to the xp style. Very nice.


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                    Nice,really nice!
                    I just need one more tool,just one!


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                      Hey gundog what brand of milling machine is that in the background?


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                        The mill/drill is a Rong-Fu.

                        Just a note the gun rest is actually a rifle rest, I have adapted it for use with a pistol. These type of rests are used for bench rest competition.

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                          I Think Im going to make a pistol rest for my pistol shooting!