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40 Taper But which one?

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  • 40 Taper But which one?

    My mill uses 40 Taper tool holders.I cannot decide Which 40 taper it is though none of the tool holders are marked.I know its not a Cat40
    theres only 1 flange.Could be a 40 NMTB or National standard.What would be the difference i cannot find any Data to solve my dilemma.Is it possible any 40 taper holder would fit? It uses a 5/8-11 Thread for the draw bar.


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    Only flange and the retention end varies - a 40 taper is a 40 taper.

    If you're hand changing tooling it makes no difference. Most all manual machines are set up for NMT spindle tooling that has a keyed flange and the snoot that sticks out from the small endof the taper.

    If your machine is CNC and has a tool changer you're stuck with what ever flange and retention length your changer accepts.


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      Ditto on the 40 taper being the same. If you are using a drawbar to retain the holder, adaptors may be required with some as the thread and small end differ on some.
      Yours is most likely NMTB 40, which is basic.
      Jim H.