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  • My mill is here!

    I was wondering around ebay one day and found this poor little machine needing a good home. It was in Philli, and I had it shipped to where I work and unloaded. Hooked it up to 3 phase and typed in some g code. All axises moved smooth and the motor ran well.

    Bridgeport Series 1, punch tape, 30 taper with spindle tooling. But no vice! Arghhh!!!

    Anyhow, here are some photos of me trying to move it. Almost didnt fit into the garage. I need to finish the prints for permits on my new garage. But thats a nother story.

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    Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.

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    LOL, I feel your pain. I once had to get a 12' gantry crane through a 10' doorway. That was not a pretty sight.

    Nice pics, Nice machine. You lucky dog!


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      Looks nice...nothing like plugging it in and having everything work!


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        Very nice, you make it look easy.


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          I WANT ONE!!!!



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            I think you need more stuff. Way too much floorspace in those pictures.
            Nice machine.
            David from jax
            A serious accident is one that money can't fix.


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              Listen young feller you have fun fun fun till yer daddy takes the B bird away were talkin bridgeport enjoy enjoy enjoy I like your set up and know how you feel getting it delivered its a great feeling aint it kindest regards. Alistair
              Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                I saw mine looking like that once.

                Have you figured out how to power it yet at home? That was what started me on rewiring mine to single phase.

                I got a book wrote of changes I did. You can go the way of Spence J. and keep the boss brain and drives or redo it with different drives.

                The problem is making stable power for the stepper transformers in the back box, the big 3 coil three phase transformer makes 70 volts. A phase convertor will not do it. Check the voltages if you try before trying to run it.

                I took out the fwd-rev contactor, the current limiters on the steppers, the 3phase stepper transformer, the boss brain, tape drive,all the rack of stuff out of the box on side. I gutted mine like a fish.

                I moved the terminal strip up to a point where I would not have to lay like a walrus on the floor. (best move yet) Installed single phase in, 3 phase out inverter speed control for head, 3kva 220/24+24=48 xfrmer, 3 larken drives to power the steppers, and opto-22 for the I/o to a computer I mounted in the bottom of the cpu cabinet. Total cost of conversion was about 1200 if I remember.. I sold all the boss items on ebay. On top of the arm where the I/O input goes to the boss, I cut it off and bent a frame to hold the monitor and keyboard.

                Mine works better than ever, I use Mach2 now and am happy as heck. I bought a copy of bobcad but not learned how to utlize it yet.

                I have schematics somewhere of the conversion, There are people on this board with manuals for your machine, you have a head start on where I started from. I had no information.
                If I had it to do over, I'd put servos on mine. Going backward and stripping out the stepper drives would not make me happy yet thou. EVERYTHING sells well on ebay. I have saw several people part out machines and make money.

                Mine is metalflake gold on black, I can stack more beer bottles on it then ever before the upgrade. I am happy I did the upgrade. It works.

                You got a good start.


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                  Ohh, and your spindle looks just like mine, a kwik switch 200.. take a picture of the insides of the spindle and post it. I'll search out the spec page..
                  DId you get any tooling? It is kinda pricy.
                  Watch ebay and join us in the bids..
                  I had a page with all the tapers laid out in measurements.. Can't find it now. I bought a 200 kwik switch spindle off ebay and it has turned out to be something else.. I was planning in installing it in my old drill press so I could share tooling.

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                    Ahh yes,
                    That BOSS 5 I know it well. It's easy to love and easy to hate. It is very cool when it does exactly what you command it to do, and it is very scary when it does exactly what you told it to do (but didn't mean to.)

                    Still I am surprized you were even able to get it to respond because there are so many things that must be understood about the control before you can use it.

                    Congratulations, you just added a a wonderful capability to your already AWESOME shop. Let me know if I can help you in any way. You can write me an email if I don't visit as often as I used to. (I've been getting ALOT more political lately as I hope ALL Democrats do.) Anyway I don't care what your politics are. I have some information on the Boss 5 if you don't have a manual (I assume you do since you got it to move.)



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                      Yes, that is different then mine. the ears on the collets are reversed. I have one of them spindles to match your machine. And some collets.

                      Much less demand, much lower bid prices on ebay. You lucky dog.

                      My machine has a air motor where your speed crank is, and a air brake where your hand brake is. Sometimes I think I'd prefer having a manual one like yours.

                      I'm interested to see how you make your machine work at home on single phase, looks like you have everything else covered.


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                        IBEW, Read the first post again.
                        He said he hooked it up to three phase.
                        John S.

                        Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                          SJorgensen - I learned to program on a boss over in Dayton at Sinclair. I just had to do a little remembering to get it running. But the control is colorcoded to get you in the right area to start. I may yet email you though. It has been a while since I ran one of these.

                          IBEW - Tooling? I got tooling, but no vice. I have to look around for one. I remember one setting somewhere.


                          Power, I have a roatry phase converter that is sorta balanced out. I use it for the lathe. It looked close enough for the mill. The mill powers up and moves at home. G0 works in x, y, and z. A tape measure on the table (not on my finger though, I am jelous of that tatoo you got) shows that the moves I type in are as close as I can check with a tape. That was exciting. I thought that I would have to convert it to servos before I got anything. Now I think that I will just play around a little and see whats left in her. I had forgotten that you got to have the spindle on before a feedrate command will work. Remembered it this morning over coffee. I still have to open the books at some point and refresh my memory. The boss was the first cnc that I ever programmed but that was in '91. I'm not shure that I can remember everything.

                          Where did you find your larken drives? Webpage? I bought this wanting to make a retrofit out of it. I am too used to cutter comp and helical z interpolation. But that conversion is a little way down the road.

                          Keep your eyes on photobucket and I'll post a photo of the spindle. It looks like a quickswitch but I have not found a name on it. Same concept.

                          Man you guys type quick. Must be 3 more posts since I started this one.

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                          Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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                            You need to check out the Mach2 page,

                            Helical interpolation, yes, Mcodes yes, probably about everything you will use or want to use is in the Mach2, plus a manual as thick as the boss manual you have. Online in a pdf form with colored pictures. You'll be impressed. there is a pretty good support group on yahoo too, but they are concerned at the moment with the new beta version and the new gecko pulse generator.

                            Type? I used to type 80wpm when I was a programmer at a local mill. In the chat rooms you have to type fast to get a word in edgewise.


                            The steppers off a boss bring 150+ on ebay, the boss items bring premium dollars too. If you go to modernize I'd really consider servos. More powerful, more speed, more accurrate since it has encoder feedback to the resolvers on the drives. The drives are cheaper too.

                            My larkens are working great. No feedback, I was up to G00 260 inches per minute too, then loaded the 200lb steel press legs on my table and had to slow it down some. Some of the tables I have heard people talk about with servos can go 800-1000 ipm.. zoom in g00, making tools break even faster then mine.

                            If you got it working at home, I'd run it till it breaks.

                            Nice sporty, did you see the custom frames for them that looks like a Ness bike? (low and resembles a softtail) monoshock, stretched out, pretty neat.. I got a rusty old shovelhead.. it serves the purpose thou.

                            I got a frame jig and tubing bender getting rusty too, know a good welder that'd want them>?



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                              260 ipm!?!?!? I programmed a hardinge chucker lathe that ran 200 and your right. I could not hit the e-stop quick enough to save tooling if there was a mistake. Kinda like when we first discovered Sumotomo drills at an old shop that I worked at. They plunged at 40 ipm. That seemed fast. But the holes were so smooth and true.

                              The sporty was a present to myself after I bought the house. Ahem... after I signed the note on my house. I had some $$ left over from a buisness that I had and decied that I needed a gift for myself. I love to ride. Started to think about painting it this winter. Flames for sure. Bigger tank wanted. I put flames on my riding lawnmower and the neighbors think I'm crazy.

                              I might be intrested in the frame jig. I have thought about building my own frame and a few of the fellers at work have talked about it as well. Geez talk about making it yourself from the ground up. I even make my own beer! The hops plant is growing up the telephone pole out front.
                              Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.