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New Pocket knife, Sheffield razor knife

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  • New Pocket knife, Sheffield razor knife

    I am a electrician, I strip a lot of tray cable, I have carried the same pocket knife for about ten years now, a Stanley folding blade box cutter with disposable blade, I sharpen it and have not ever replaced the blade.

    I was at the hydraulic supply saw one of these on the counter for $8, a Sheffield folding pocket type knife that uses a common razor blade type blade, the blade is changeable without needing a screwdriver, reversible and I can use the funcky hook blades I bought to strip cable. I really like it so far, other then being more bulky then the stanley I think it is a good replacement.

    YOU Can get it cheaper locally.

    No connection, I just really like it. I still carry the 4" buck knife to eat with, just don't abuse it by cutting cable. I still remember the policeman laughing at the mayonaise in my buck knife... Nothing like watching me eat pudding (forgot my spoon) with a razor sharp buck knife. Very carefully....


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    i used to carry a swissarmy knife on me round the clock. its the 'mechanic' in me.
    there are a few that are real slim & don't have all the 'toys' just a *lock* blade and a screwdriver or two.

    i've had one too many taken from me from law enforcement and just gave up.

    now carry a leatherman. its bulkier but seems more "acceptable"

    question: the blade in my leatherman is pretty screwed. its seen alot of hard work. i'd like to change it (even for a different blade style)... but i've never tried to take the thing apart. anyone know how they're put together? are they pressed?
    do i have any chance of getting it back together if i pry it apart?

    they're supposed to have a 25yr warantee but i dont know if that applies to "Useage" ... i'd hate to have to get another one since everything else is good.



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      Maintinence guys at work have these and seem to like them.


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        Dave can you buy these in the UK ? Alistair
        Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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          I bet so.. Just look around. They are all over now that I bought one. Most are cheaper too.

          I am playing with spray on masking. cutting it with guess what.. my new knife.

          When I saw them first, I thought, Sheffield is the name of the Bowie knife I carried on hunting trips.. man that thing was hard steel.
          This one is made in China.


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            Knucklehead, just send your leatherman in to them. They are unbelievable about customer service. They'll probably either replace the blade or just replace the tool entirely. There's plenty of posts about them over at

            I'm a bit obsessive about pocket knives. I generally have a one hand opener clipped to the right front pocket of my pants for tough work, a Leatherman Micra in the same pocket in a leather pocket sheath because the scissors are so handy and a Swiss Army Cybertool 29 in my left front pocket with my PDA for the screw drivers, bottle opener,, cork screw and torx drivers it has.

            Handy stuff.


            Pursue Excellence and the rest will follow.
            Pursue Excellence and the rest will follow.


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              Sheesh, if they will take a swiss army knife, I hate to think what they would do with my Bowen. Been holding my pants up with it since late 1979. Remind me to stay in Florida.
              David from jax
              A serious accident is one that money can't fix.