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Newall DRO died

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  • Newall DRO died

    I was using my DRO this morning and it just suddenly quit. I pushed the down arrow button and everything went away exceppt the light that means I am in Metric mode. I was not in Metric but rather in inch mode doing a bolt circle.

    I have checked connections and voltage available and all is good. the Fuse in the back also checks out as good with a VOM.

    It is a 19 year old Newall DP7 and has worked flawlessly from new. Any ideas? Anybody in the greater Seattle area repair them?

    Thanks in advance


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    Display failure seems to be the thing I get the most.


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      Given the life of the DRO so far (19 years!!) the likely-hood of another failure after repair might be quite high as might the items that have not failed thus far.

      What are the cost and benefit of replacing with a new item versus a repaired item?

      All of the DRO components might have the same risk/s.


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        Bad capacitors? Corrosion on a trace? Did an IC go out?
        Open it up and see!


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          The DP7 I had went blank in one axis. I thought it to be a loose connector due to the weight of the connector body at the male/female interface. Newall suggested a new power pack or something like that. I replaced the circuit as suggested and it worked just fine. For some time anyway, then the other axis started to do the same thing. The DP7 got replaced with a SWI SMX retrofit CNC unit and the DP7 is stacked away. I had no with the Newall while it was working. May some day see if I can recondition it.

          Mentally confused and prone to wandering!


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            I have an old Newall DRO on my mill. One problem I had was the 5V regulator went, you can check this by checking pin 14 on one of the TTL chips on any card. They are quite cheap to replace. Also the on board battery on the main card leaked on mine causing corrosion on some of the chip sockets. I removed the sockets and soldered the E-proms directly to the PCB. I also removed the battery, the DRO works without it, you just can't store any settings.