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Grit for grinding end mills

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  • Grit for grinding end mills

    Is 100 grit too course for grinding end mills? I can get the exact wheel I need from shars for about $50 but it's only avaliable in 100 grit which seems a bit course to me, but then I don't know for sure. I can easily find wheels for Darex, etc but these are well over $400 and I can't justify that much expense for a wheel for my needs, at least not if I can get something cheaper to work.

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    Quite the opposite, IMHO. I wouldn't go any finer than an 80, and would likely get better results with a 60.

    What is the O.D., width, I.D. and shape designation of the wheel you need? What grinder do you have?


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      Do you plan on grinding the ends only or the diameters too? What machine are you going to use: T&C grinder, surface grinder with an air bearing,...? Are you buying a CBN, diamond or AO wheel?
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