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    I like to silver solder, but I don't do it often , so that my solder flux always dries out. I may not get to silver solder again for months. Is the dried up flux reusable by mixing with water ? I have STAYSILV and ULTA FLUX. I try to keep the containers sealed, but it still dries up hard.

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    That's a fact of life with flux. You just gotta live with it. Salts in saturated solution will crystalize. I thin it with water and warm it up on the stove in a pan of hot water. The hard chunks melt after a while and can be stirred in.


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      I have the same problem. I just add some clean water and wait for a while. Then mix it up a bit, and add more water if needed.
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        While you're on the subject...
        I've been using Harris SS-56 to repair stainless steel antique auto trim parts. I was told this would match stainless. That's a load of crap! Is there something else that comes closer?


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          I have been silver soldering for 15 years now, and mixing the flux with water is just fine....



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            Sho 'nuff. I have one bottle of really old flux, and water is the ticket. The stuff is about 30 years old (I don't get into that toolbox very much), and water works great.

            I once had to mix some up with spit, that or climb down a long ways, and back up again. It worked, but the organic content makes it not recommended.

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