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    Hi all, this is my first post here. I was wondering if any of you are building the Radial five from the plans in the HSM? I have been machining for about 5 years and this will be my first attempt at an engine, but it looks like Mr. Kouhoupt has done a great job explaining how to machine it. If there is any of you out there giving this thing a shot, how far along are you and have you ran into any trouble spots?
    Thanks, Dean D.
    Dean’s 7x10 mini-lathe page
    Dean\'s7x10 mini lathe page

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    Ops, I thought this was going to be about airconditioning compressors. Sorry. Welcome aboard anyway! Nice site too.


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      Sure would be nice if your images (like your review of the Starrett 19A1Z) were larger on your site, or if you linked them to a larger image.

      Makes it nice for us novices,


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        Hi Dean, I too am building the Radial Five, but you've got four years of experience on me, so I probably won't be much help. This is my first post as well!

        I've tried to not deviate from the plans too much. I did use bronze for the main bearing, where it calls for brass, mainly because I didn't have any suitably sized brass stock at the time.

        That bearing was one of my trouble spots. Probably would have been easier in brass. My other trouble spot is the clearance of my Taig mill for milling the crank case. I almost didn't take on the project for that reason, then decided it was just a challenge. There is not enough room to get in a chuck or large boring head to cut the .625 holes in the crank case for the cylinders, so I ended up making my own 4-flute tool to open it up from .500 myself. Took a couple tries, but it eventually cut pretty well.

        Unless I missed it somewhere, the depth of the fins on the cylinders is not specified (the only omission I've found!), and I had
        to estimate it from the photos. Looking at it now, I'm probably still shallow.

        I've got the whole project documented pretty well in a photo album:

        I did a lot of it out of order, due to tooling and stock issues. I've got most of it done, but I'm only now working on the crank case. Finished the bearing case last night, and starting the valve case tonight!

        I've been wondering if anyone else was working on this. It's been fun. Might do it again when I'm finished, to see what I've learned since then!



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          Nice job documenting everything!



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            Hi Wil,
            It looks like you have already been some help. It helps just to see some different pics of the same project. You have done a great job! I wouldn’t even have attempted that four years ago. I have been collecting the issues and studying the plans for a while. Since the next issue looks like to be the last, I am ordering the all of the stuff I will need to get started. I would like to swap emails with you, if you don’t care. I was thinking I was the only person on the web starting to build this engine. Dean
            Dean\'s7x10 mini lathe page


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              I started to build it on the first installment but in 2hrs. I was done so I waited until the last issue and then started back on it. It took about 10 hrs to do all of the work. There is one more installment left so I should finish it as soon as that comes in. I will be going to the NAMES Show this week end.I saw it at the NAMES show last year and talked to Mr. Kouhoupt about it. He is a very interesting person. Look him up if you get to the show.


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                Dean, sure you can email me. My address is in my profile.

                Dave, wish I could have only spent 12 hours on it! I probably spent 12 hours in the garage just thinking about the project between cuts! Newby stuff like, "How do I attach this thing to the center of the rotary table?" or "Why is my part ruined and my shoe on fire?" Have fun at the NAMES show. Wish I could go. So far, I've only seen this stuff in print and on the web.



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                  I am looking for the last parts of the radial five drawings. I have parts 1 thru 4. Can some one help me locate the drawings after this? Or would it be possible to copy drawings and email or fax them Please. I am open to any help. Thanks


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                    Neil can help you out with any back issues of the magazine you're missing. Drop him a line -- help support this forum!
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                      "Why is my part ruined and my shoe on fire?" - ROFL ---I needed that.

                      Answer: You are part of the "Great Master Plan", whereby certain individuals are singled out to have bad things happen for no reason at all.

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                        Back about 1984 or so there was a hit/miss engine series that was fun to build. You fellows may want to try that one sometime. Without looking it up I don't remember who the author is.
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                          I'm also working on the R-5. I've been going in "magazine order" and am currently up to the con rods. Also used oil-impregnated bronze for my bearings cuz I had a piece lying around. So far everything's been just peachy except for the broken 2-56 tap embedded in the back of the valve housing (still haven't gotten it out yet). Maybe I'll just put a false nut on the back of the backplate and no one but us will know there's a busted off tap in there. Sorry, no pics as I never think to photograph my stuff till it's all done. Maybe later. mkroll.....I've copied off all the pages and enlarged just the drawings and stapled them all together. I can make you a copy if you need one. Send email. Wil...I set the fin depth at D=.782, which is 1/2 way between the .625 cylinder and the .938OD. Looks good. Anyone else with ??? feel free to ask. Now if I can just get that @$#^*!&@% tap out!!

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                            bdarin, use alum to dissolve the tap.
                            Philip Duclos had several plans for hit & miss engines in HSM in the 80's & 90's. All were from barstock, no castings. Anyone interested in these would do well to get his books from Village Press, many other shop projects as well, including the model maker's dividing head and an air spindle end mill sharpening fixture.
                            Jim H.


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                              Drop me an email describing which issues you are missing. I'll get it to the circulation department.