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    I was wondering if any of you guys have bought or tried this ebay item. It if is for real it would be great for when I get to use the CNC mill for personal use. I am a crappy artist when it comes to drawing and havent really had any luck finding a raster to vector program that does worth a damn. Anyways thanks for the help. here is the link

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    That's interesting! I'd like to see it work.


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      Here is a freeware TTF to G-code converter.

      It's called "DeskEngrave"
      Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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        There are programs that follow the font outlines. $88 seems too much for me, for what it is....



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          I'll second the Deskam setup.. I use it for most of my engraving..

          It works..
          The graphic to vector is interesting thou. I have about twenty cdroms of tattoo patterns that'd make some interesting stuff..



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            I dont need the cam system I have FeatureCam at work it is one of the better cam systems out there. What I need is a good way to convert raster images to vector images so that I can import them into FeatureCam. What would also be nice is a CD full of vector artwork then you could convert it to a dxf file and import it into FeatureCam.


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              Plenty of raster to vector software out there.
              Turbocad Pro from V 7 has it built in. Corel Draw has Corel Trace built in, both available for peanuts on eBay for early versions.
              Don't expect a simple click and it's done.
              You will finish up with shaky lines, gaps and dead ends all over.

              Any conversion into a G code via DXF will be fraught with thousands of short line moves and gaps.

              John S.

              Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.