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70's Bridgeport Motor Question 2-speed?

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  • 70's Bridgeport Motor Question 2-speed?

    Hello, I am on to another machine project. My last project was my Boxford Lathe, finished about 3 years ago, and I got a lot of really helpful advice here. A month ago, I purchased a pretty clean Bridgeport Series 1 mill with a variable speed head from a tool dealer in the bay area and had it trucked to Oregon. Its now here and it looks pretty good. I have been spending the last few nights researching VFD's. It looks like my mill may have a two speed motor though? The power switch says high and low and the 1-1/2hp motor has two speeds listed on the motor plate with 1430 / 1700. Does this affect anything when converting to a VFD? I dont have three phase so I cant test it to see if it really does have two speeds. I am fine with just using a single motor speed I just didn't want to purchase something thats incompatible with my current setup. I used a X200 vfd on my lathe and it was a pretty painless install, but the motor had one speed listed on the plate not two.

    Thank you for the help.

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    It's a single speed motor. The 1430/1700 are 50hz and 60hz speeds at the rated power.


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      Thank you for the fast reply! I will go ahead as planed then.


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        Even if it was the two speed variant it wouldnt matter much.
        I have a two speed motor on my bridgeport interact and someone before me altered the windings so it was in high permanent, and I control it via a vfd fine.