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  • -- Errol -- ?

    errol, if you're out there... in an old post you brought up tig welding aluminum beer cans end to end.

    could you post that picture again? the link is no longer active in the original message.

    i've been working on it and, though frustrating, quite challenging. i can get 75% of the way around and then i inevitably burn through.

    i'd like to take a look at that bead again.

    1/16" zircs balled up too fast. switched to 3/32" zircs and 500hz and i get a nice tight controllable arc.

    problem is i only have 3/32 filler rods. a bit too big and giving me 'lumpy' beads. i have some 1mm aluminum mig wire and that burns back too fast.. ie, can't keep up with the feed.

    maybe i'll rig up a little wire feeder for the 1mm filler.


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    Why don't you buy the bigger cans of beer ?
    Am I missing something.

    Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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      He's wanting a double ended brew,tig them before you drink them and the beer will keep you from burning through ,gee wizz John you couldn't see that?
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        What is a 1/16 zircs and a 3/32 zircs and 500hz? I have a sycrowave with no such settings?



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          Dear Knucklehead, Good show! It took me about a year before I could get one of those done, so you are doing great. Don't give up. What I found best is the new ceriated tungstens, sharpened to a point, then "balled" on a piece of copper to give you about a .100" ball for your electrode. The filler rod with a quick freeze works best for thin stuff like this. 1/16" type 5356 is what I used. Here is another photo of an earlier attempt (Coors lite) done some 10 years ago before we could get ceriated tungstens. Oh, I am to blame for the link not being active. I was cleaning out photobucket, as I didn't want to keep the old clutter on that site.


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            Dear Bob, I was wondering the same thing, but the zircs, I'm assuming knucklehead means zirconiated tungstens. and 500 Hz, I think is his pulse setting which I don't have on my synchrowave 250. Although I that I did, because that is exactly what pulse was invented for... welding thin metal.


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              errol, thanks for the pictures.

              and yes, by zircs i meant zirconiated tungstens. i have never worked this thin before, and all attempts at balling failed ... i mean, as soon as i got a nice clean ball the arc was all over the place, coming off left and right, blowing holes.

              the larger tungsten holds up better with a fine point (at least by my experience) and the zirconiated ones don't spit at the low amps.

              though the ceriated tungstens start the arc nice and fast whatever amp setting.

              i'll post pictures if i get anywhere close to success.

              thanks again!


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                One of my favorite pictures... When people think they know something, they should just look at your snapshots....

                Great work...

                Jerry R