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    Is there really a reason that these both have left handed threads.?? I guess I always wondered why but just never thought to ask. I've looked thru some of the books I have but haven't found any reason for them. I'm sure that there is an answer for this. Thanks
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    Most compound slides have RH threads. This is because on a cross-slide the screw is stationary whereas on the compound the screw moves with the slide.
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      Underlying this is the point that it seems more intuitive to wind clockwise to make something move forward. As an example the Myford Seven leadscrew is LH and when fitted with a handwheel will move the carriage toward the headstock when rotated clockwise; the saddle handwheel, however, has to be rotated anti-clockwise to do this. On the same machine the cross-slide screw is RH and, as Peter implies, moves with the slide.