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Its time for me to build the lathe quick change tool post

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  • Its time for me to build the lathe quick change tool post

    I've been looking at building a QCTP for a long time. My last trip to the yard produced a really nice chunk: 2.98 x 4.5 x 4.5.

    I am not sure what it truly is but I put a small drill bit to it and it did cut. See closest corner in pic.

    I still need to draw it out but it is a start.

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    What style are you going to make? I've made two different kinds myself. A round Norman type and a square clamping type. Both were easy to make and work well.

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      I am thinking square/rectangle. I never held one. I can see how it should work. Is there any good way to do the clamp. I've seen the pins up through the bottom with set screws. I seen one cam to set each lock one at a time. I've seen two cams one for each lock but that worries me as one could lock first and maybe leaving the 2nd loose.


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        I like the wedge type


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          I, of course, recommend that you check out my design.

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          SE Texas

          Make it fit.
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            The Swiss "Tripan" toolposts look interesting.

            Here's a video showing one and making toolholders for it.


            MrPete222/Tubalcain showed a toolpost a little while ago that looked like an Aloris style with the gender of the dovetails reversed:


            an arrangement which James Kilroy recently opined would make it easy to machine the toolholders using a "horizontal" type milling cutter mounted on a stub arbour:



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              I made some years ago [ 5 in total now based on two sizes ] where the dovetails are reversed.
              The idea was that you usually only make one post and many holders and I wanted the holders to be easy to make. To that end male dovetails are far easier to cut.
              In my case I did them in strips on a horizontal mill with an angled side and face cutter which is far, far mor durable than a dovetail cutter made for a vertical mill.

              The origianl post was made for a Myford ML7 and was publish in Model Engineer in about 1988, I think the first holder was made about 1985 so probably pre-dates a lot of the home made ones.

              After I sold the ML7 I scaled the design up and built another 4, all identical so i can swap the 50 odd holders I now have between 3 lathe, the extra tool post is fitted to the top slide of the TOS which only gets fitted for doing tapers, the rest of the time the original toolpost is mounted on a big packing block for rigidity.

              Instructions and drawings are on the Metal Web newsgroup site.


              Kevin Ferguson later built one and added some relevant notes.


              Pic of one of the later, larger toolposts

              One holder fitted to the TOS on rigid mounting block, one holder in bits in front.

              Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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                I built mine like a million years ago as well. The classic dovetail type with a piston locker. Built completely on the little atlas lathe.


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                  Originally posted by Paul Alciatore View Post
                  I, of course, recommend that you check out my design.

                  Hey Paul .. you do realize that we have to join that group see your info ?
                  John Titor, when are you.