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Surface grinder wheel adaptors??

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  • Surface grinder wheel adaptors??

    Hello all:
    I recently acquired an old K.O.Lee tool and cutter grinder. This machine came with a number of grinding wheels, all with 1/2 bore.
    Most of the wheels I see in the supplier catalogues list 1 1/4" bore, and I have noticed that some newer machines use wheel adaptors.
    Do the newer machines mount the 1 1/4" bore wheels on these adaptors as a quick change device, or is it to enable balancing?
    I am missing one of the adaptor shafts for my grinder (used to extend the wheel away from the motor) and I was wondering if I should make this part to accept the new style adaptors?
    It would seem to me that I would likely have a larger selection of wheels available to me if I did this.

    Am I on the right track? Can anyone point me to the specifications for these adaptors?


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    I think that our KO Lee takes 1 1/4" dia hole in the wheel. Funny, I was just using it tonight to grind a spool valve that needs replaced on another machine.

    Once you get it running, you will like it. As with many machines, you have to let the spindle run for a while to warm up the bearings. I dont know why my associates dont remember this. Most just start it up and bitch about a poor finish.
    Civil engineers build targets, Mechanical engineers build weapons.


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      Good question and the answers should be interesting.

      Have you checked KO Lee's prices for a new collet (assuming that's what you need)? I just bought a collet for a KO Lee surface grinder and it came to around $200.

      You might Googling Sopko as they seem to sell all manner of adapters for grinders.

      BTW, I have an old RH thread adapter that tkaes a 1-1/4" wheel needs a new home - it seems to fit the surface grinder but I don't know if it will work on the T&C grinder. Email me if interested.

      Mike Henry near Chicago


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        Here's the link to the list of adaptors on the Sopko site.

        Interesting topic for me too as I've recently drug home a Rockwell Delta 'toolmaker' grinder. It came with a couple of adaptors for 1.25" wheels. There are also some small bore wheels with it but no means for mounting them. I was wondering if they could even be used on the machine, but from searching the Sopko site, I now see how it's done...just a different adaptor that puts the wheel out past the end of the (tapered) spindle.

        Depending on what type of spindle your grinder has, you may find the specs that you need on the Sopko site...

        The manual for my grinder doesn't mention anything about having wheels & adaptors balanced as sets...
        Edited - to quote from the manual: "A wheel can be removed leaving the adapter in position, or it may be more satisfactory to remove the adapter and wheel together, so that a centered or dressed wheel can be re-fitted to the spindle without resetting or redressing. This is especially usefull where diamond wheels are used."

        I'm sure you know this, but...if you make adaptors, don't forget to cut flange & retaining nut threads opposite to the direction of wheel rotation...

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