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South Bend Fourteen info needed

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  • South Bend Fourteen info needed

    I have a chance to buy a South Bend Fourteen lathe. Does any one have or know where I can find info, specs, price range, etc.? Any one have any experience using this machine? Any input is welcome.

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    You might try the yahoo South Bend group.

    And, the South Bend forum - Practical Machinist board

    For specs - the South Bend site


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      I bought a South Bend 14 with the transmission in a box and reassembled it. I sold it on eBay to a fellow up in Alaska. It seemed to be a good quality machine. Reassembly was straight forward and I had no problems in putting the transmission back together. (It was formerly owned by a large company and they were in the process of replacing the bearings in the transmission case when somebody upstairs changed their mind.)
      This is probably not much help to you but if I had a chance to buy another at a reasonable price I would buy it.