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Aloris Boring Bar and Insert Style

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  • Aloris Boring Bar and Insert Style

    I have an Aloris BL-5 boring bar, it came with one insert. It's a 3/8" IC with a counter sunk hole for the screw. The insert type style is triangular and Aloris calls it ATPG. I can't find a cross in Kennametal or any others. Looks like it's a proprietary design. I can get replacements from Aloris but the choice of grades, coatings and radius are limited. Any one know of some replacements???
    I found one that is close but the hole is too small.


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    What size screw fits into the holder itself? That's a key to knowing what insert to get. Another indicator is the thickness of the insert. It would be difficult to measure the insert side clearance angle, but if you happen to have both a common TPG 32x size insert (they have no hole) and a screw down TCMT 32.5x size you could see which angle (P = 11؛, C = 7؛) seems to fit the pocket walls better.

    Those would be the two most likely candidates, though if Circle Machine Co was in cahoots with Aloris, all bets are off. They produced bars that took really thin inserts with weaker side clearance angles of 15؛ (D second letter) and 20؛ (E second letter.)

    Get a better idea of the screw size and thickness, we'll be very close to getting the right insert, or one that at least fits and works.


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      The hole is about .170 dia. and the insert is .125 thick. the closest one I've found has a .130 hole. So the only real hang up is the screw size.



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        anything I found its that hole size that is "odd", AR Warner has some that are .150 hole but that is still only close (if you want to call it that)...there are some Aloris replacements up right now on EBay but guessing you know that...I just checked the Aloris catalog online and boy, they don't have much choice of inserts esp, as IMO, its a given some of their holders are use proprietary.
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          A TCMT 32.5x or TPGT 32.5x insert would be approximately 5/32" thick but have a .173" hole. Is that too thick?

          It would be hard to find a TPGT 321 (or 322, etc) that is 1/8" thick, though they do exist. Somewhere. Not being a common standard size, no telling what hole size it might have.


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            Russ, I have checked ebay but like you say Aloris doesn't have much to offer. It's kind of a neat bar as you can vary the angle of the insert a little, it has a worm drive type screw that allows you to adjust the insert angle and then lock it down with the center screw, that feature has come in handy a couple times.

            PixMan........ 5/32" would be OK providing the angle is the same. I remember running into a problem with insert angles and center holes lining up with the hole in the tool, especially if the insert is a different thickness. I got around it by making a shim to go under it.

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              JoeLee: took a longer look at a 2012 pdf Aloris catalog and must say, its confusing...they have a neat "cartridge" system that looks to be the same between normal holders and boring bars but they use different types of inserts as far as I can tell...not that it matters since neither are your bar, it does serve as an interesting point to me though.
              They only show one diagram a couple of places (Page 43 in the copy I have) with a 10 degree angle which is not a usual angle, as well it is tough to tell if the photos are accurate but IF they are, part of the issue, to me with limited experience with carbide inserts is that the taper of the hole is different than ANSI/ISO. Most of those that do have a countersink followed by a straight hole, the countersink takes up, roughly, a third of the overall thickness, and in the photos it looks like these countersinks take up nearly all of the thickness. I seem to recall somewhere the exact opposite where someone had a screw with the correct angle of countersink but it was not deep enough and the top of the screw protruded somewhat.

              Edit: old Iscar shows a TPGH that is .125 thick and has a .169 hole with the IC you gave...AND, there is a variation that Dorian uses for some of their chamfering end mills PLUS Everede uses that shape and size for the "D" series boring bars (coated for carbon and stainless)...maybe, maybe a start?
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                can you make a threaded insert to go into threaded hole so you can use a smaller screw?
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