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Flat belts and steam engines

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  • Flat belts and steam engines

    Got a bit of a surprise in this week's local newspaper.

    There's an old fish cannery a few miles from here, that recently sold out and closed down, and now they're trying to convert it into a tourist-trap boardwalk type place.

    Might actually work, all the buildings are old-fashioned and "quaint", but I have my doubts.

    Anyway, pic on the front page of the newspaper showed some guys working on a room being converted into a restraunt, a room which still contains a significant number of old overhead line-shafting.

    Article Here.

    It also says there used to be an old steam engine that ran the belts, and another that's been moved out front and refurbished as a display item.

    The engine and belts used to run the canning equipment and conveyor belts, but supposedly there is, or was, a machine shop there as well, one of the buildings being labelled the Machinists' Dorms.

    I guess I'm surprised the place has been there that long, and that some of the old stuff was still in place. I doubt any old tools were still there even before the start of the renovation, machine tools are dear up here and don't get left unused without good reason. (I'm told there's an abandoned cannery off in some cove down on the Panhandle, a hundred nautical miles from any sort of good sized settlement, and in one of the back rooms is a massive 20-foot-long lathe.)

    Doc's Machine. (Probably not what you expect.)

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    So, you live in Kenai. Might as well update your profile. I have never been to Alaska. Not sure I want to (I hate mosquitoes) although my understanding is that it is nearly as beautiful as BC. I always figured that Alaska should be part of Canada.

    There are places like that all up and down the coast here. Due west from here is Ocean Falls, a community with only a few people. It has a huge hydropower generating plant from when the mill was there but now it runs at idle, maybe 1% capacity.
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      Neat! There's an island off the coast where I live in Eastern Maine that has an abandoned granite quarrying operation on it. A friend of mine took some pictures out there, and the whole works including machine shop is still intact, albeit quite rusty. I don't have a boat, so I've never been out there, maybe one of these days I can get a ride out with someone.