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God bless the Gipper

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  • God bless the Gipper

    Time to say good bye to a great man.
    I just need one more tool,just one!

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    I think about him everytime I eat a jellybean.

    He was one of a kind, from bedtime to bonzo to straightening out California's problems. I understood he got them into excesses of money and out of bankruptcy.

    They are back where they were before he came along.



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      These show some it all up:
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        Some men and their values transcend all that can be said about them. Goodbye to one who was honest and brave.
        Ed Bryant


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          I live a five minute drive from his final resting place at his library. We just watched his interment on the big screen and it was almost like being there. as the sun setting on TV matched what we saw out our windows. At the appropriate time, my wife and I went outside and watched the F15s fly over and perform the missing man maneuver. It was quite touching, even from a distance.

          I probably would have gone to at least the processional route, but my boss is a flaming Massachussetts liberal democrat and there's no way I could take a day off for this event without catching holy hell. I did get to see the President's last motorcade from LAX when they brought him to the library to lie in state here before going to Washington.

          Ronald Regan, rest in peace.


          Pursue Excellence and the rest will follow.
          Pursue Excellence and the rest will follow.


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            God bless!

            Paul A.
            Paul A.

            Make it fit.
            You can't win and there is a penalty for trying!


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              I saw the whole day on tv, very touching.


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                  Why did you remove your post?
                  You have the right to voice your opinion.


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                    Yes, I suppose I do, but it wasn`t all that positive...something about his and Brian Mulroney's close friendship. (If you read the book "On The Take" by S. Cameron, and thought of the phrase "birds of a feather" you could figure out what my opinion is).


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                      Follow the link above and... can come to your own conclusions on my opinion.
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                        Fun thing is everybody always complains about the "military buildup"and the resulting deficits,but everyone fails to realize the savings that resulted from the cold war ending,imagine where we would be if the cold war were still going strong and we never came out of the Carter deppession?
                        I just need one more tool,just one!


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                          I admired The President. I was employed by civil service when the air traffic controllers went on strike. One of my men asked, with his Air Traffic controller son in tow, what would/could happen if they struck. I pontificated: you can and should be fired immediately, but President is a politician, he will not fire all you and I don't think he can fire individuals and make it stick. So strike if you wish. Personally, I would fire you all. I expect to see many more "public service strikes after yours. you boys got guts and but you are leading us down a slippery slope.

                          Boy, was I wrong about the president that time! Funny thing, no threats- just action. Maybe he saw too many John Wayne movies? We will trace many basic changes back to him. Good or bad depends on your personal views today. History will have the final say. Revered or despised will depend on who gets to write the history books. He started a peaceful revolution that is still being fought in the media.

                          I respected the man and wish he were still the man he once was. And few would handle his disease with the dignity and grace his family showed. I am glad it is all over now. He lived and died as a gentleman so far as possible. May we all do as well.


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                            The first 8 years of my life were under Ronald Reagan, and I'm proud that my early years were the Reagan Years.
                            God Bless him.
                            I allways believed in smaller government, less taxes, and a stronger millitary.
                            No president since him championed those causes so well.


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                              I have a great picture on my wall. The picture is of Ronald Reagan in front of the Berlin Wall. On an engraved plaque are the words "Mr. Gorbechav, tear down this wall". The picture is framed well, and is autographed by Ronald Reagan, authentic signature picture, from late 1993 or early 1994. In a "cubby" on the pic are three pieces of the Berlin Wall.

                              I got this as a present from a dear friend fo my victory in an election as a city councilman, for helping in two other political campaigns, and in ultimate hopes (thus realized) of my election as mayor of my city.

                              The timing of the signature is also significant. There are but one thousand of these, mine is number 200 something. My friend has one of those 200 somethings as well.

                              I remember the cold war, and lived in Pueblo Colorado during the Reagan years (1982 to 1987), going to college with a full an unobstructed view of the number one nuke target in the world - Cheyenne Mtn., AKA Norad. The Cold War was a scary time, looking at the mtn, realizing that any time, the missles could come in and life would end irregardless of anything I might try to do.

                              In 1991 (or 1992, I forget when exactly he resigned), I watched as Gorbechev resigned, right there in Pueblo, visiting. Went to the college, looked at the Mtn. - just had to reflect, and felt a different feeling, that of a hope for peace. I also by that time had a newborn child.

                              In my study, I have two things I truly treasure. That picture, and a rock from the entry of NORAD I picked up (and told them so) during a tour in 1996, both to remind me of how things changed in my life. I also have a small picture of the missle silo that was three miles from my Northern Colorado home of my youth.

                              I often call the Cold War "World War Three", and now this is looked upon as such by many historians because in the end, it did fit all the bills of a world war - troop movements, battles, build-ups, you name it.

                              Today, though we still live in fear of other issues, we have less to fear like the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) policy of the first 30 years of my life.

                              The picture is also a "joining piece" for my older daughter and I. I met her and my future wife just about the time the Berlin wall was coming down, and when times got tough recently between the daughter and I, we sat and conversed about that early time in our relationship of watching the TV and the wall coming down. "Common ground". My daughter is as proud of that pic as I, for it reminds her of that early time in our relationship, a good time.

                              Funny how years come together, and how things just sometimes work.

                              Alas, I have rambled on.....hopefully not pointless.....

                              Thanks Mr. President. My you rest in peace, but your legacy live on forever.
                              CCBW, MAH