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What type of Boring Head is this!

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  • What type of Boring Head is this!

    Could someone tell me what type of boring head this is and what style of tooling would be used!

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    Here is the link to the manufacturer.
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      I have a Flynn boring head, but it has a more conventional looking mount for the boring bar, a protruding block with holes for the bar in the bottom and side. It also has in integrated milling machine taper mount that fits to the mill.

      Yours looks like it has jaws that will clamp on various sized bars which you can then offset for the hole you need to bore. Interesting. I'm guessing that as yours is a No. 10, and the current ones are No. 40 & 60 (mine is a 40 or some flavor) that yours is an older style.

      Looks like you would use any typical boring bar in it.
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        Flynn.......I have a Flynn head too. Mine is huge compared to my Criterion heads which have around 2" diameter bodies so don't use it much.

        Never seen one with that type of bar holder.