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    Went to one of my customers today, the one where I get to bin pick (dumpster) one of the guys asked did I see the motors that there throwing away I said no (LOL) so we went out side and looked at the motors WAY TO BIG 5 to 200 HP yes 200 HP I saw a skid with some stuff on it and asked is that going also he said yes so I grabbed 2 in the boxes Staco Energy variable transformers 120 in and 0-140 out, looked on Amazon and found them for $696.73. Also grabbed some 2 1/2" SS tubing various lengths 24" to 48" , picked out 2 boxes of #8 SS self tapping screws , and a box of 50 3/8-16 SS nuts , and the junk filter, regulator, lubricator (luber doesn't work) that I had come to replace, I just grabbed it for the regulator. I wish pictures were easier to download .

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    You lucky Go buy some lotto tickets


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      Once you get setup with a photo server it is easy to master.


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        Wow. I need to find a customer like that. I once had a friend who was constantly upgrading his computer, so I had a steady stream of 4 month old "second hand" top tier computer parts. That pales next to this.

        You suck!
        At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and extra parts.