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Sorry 1 more band saw question!

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  • Sorry 1 more band saw question!

    I have decided to buy a new saw. I am looking at several different models all import. I plan on spending $600-700. I am looking at some from Grizley, Enco & HF. If you have one of these or another source. Tell me what you think about the one you bought. One more thing I want a horizontal machine with the optional table for vertical use. Most use will be horizontally. I have been looking at some models with direct drive and some with belt drive is one better than the other?

    I want to add I am looking for a 6.5"x 10" or 7"x 12" saw with a coolant system. I have a cheap 4x6. I want to be able to make accurate cuts with easy adjustments.

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    I own a cheap 6x4 saw, but I have used better saws at work. If I were doing it again, I would buy a direct drive (gear drive) saw. I think Grizzly has the cheapest one, but I have not used that particular one.


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      Jet HV56BS for $249. Horizontal/vertical 5"x6". UL approved motor.

      Bought it from Menard's.


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        I have the Enco 7 x 12 TurnPro I bought a few years ago on sale for $699. It's on sale for the same price under Model #BV137-3190.

        All saws of this type use the same castings and machined parts. Jet sells the exact same saw for $1000+. The only difference is black and white paint instead of pukey blue or Griz green. Is that worth $400? Not to me.

        On my cheap Asian built Enco, I can cut 6" HT 4140 using a 3/4 pitch bi-metal saw band with it or I can install a 14 pitch band and with the saw in the vertical position and the table in place detail out complicated shapes in 3/16" brass plate.

        The coolant system is effective but you'll want to put in an exit flush to wash the chips off the band before they go on to pass under the driven wheel.

        Hint use good bi-metal saw bands. They cost twice as much as the best carbon steel but they last 4 to 6 times longer. Trust me.

        If you take the jaws off the saw and pad the base casting it makes a comfortable seat for a long session of vertical bandsawing.


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          I have an older Grizzly 9x12,it has cut for many years on tons(literaly) of metal,it cost new about $1200 so it would be around $1600 today.I have several pieces of Grizzly equipment,mostly woodworking that have served me well.

          Enco and HF may be okay,but their parts departments leave alot to be desired,thats why I usually spend a few extra bucks and buy from Grizz because they do have the parts when they are needed.

          I think they have a 5x7 mitering bandsaw for about $495,I've been thinking of adding one to my collection.Course if you don't do much fabrication it won't be that much use to you.

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          I just need one more tool,just one!