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Re-Felting Way wipers

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  • Re-Felting Way wipers

    I've got a Smart and Brown 1024 lathe.
    at the moment the saddle is off .
    I'm fixing the missing saddle clamp thingy.
    while I'm at this stage I may as well refelt the way wipers.
    I wont even bother to ask the company that supplies spares for Smart and Brown for these,as they are too expensive ...I know.
    so I intend to make my own felts ...
    the question is ...
    How much do you let them stick out .
    meaning that if I was to let them stick out too much they would prevent the saddle settling down onto the ways.
    what are you guys views on much can they stick out.
    all the best....mark

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    Mark: Somewhere between 1/16 and 1/8" of compression has worked ok for me so far. Now, this is probably also felt dependent. Once oiled they will compress further also. I've used both McMaster Carr 1/8" and 1/4" F5 white felt for several machines. Try to keep 'em oiled so that the pressure from the contained oil helps to keep small chips and particles under control.

    I cut it with a new xacto blade by pressing straight down like a shear without any dragging or slicing motion. For the holes, I use a $5 Chinese steel hole punch set made for punching leather and such. I think it had 8 knurled handle punches in the set. Pressing thru the felt against a hard plastic backup plate is so slick you could turn out way wipers all day



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      Mark snap I have the same lathe here in Scotland UK I have the 1024 vsl flathead which model is yours? I am dying to get to use mine as I bought it a year ago and am still trying to get my workshop the new one for machining completed.I hope to have it in place soon good luck .Alistair
      Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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        Mark are you welsh by any chance? only my dear wife Bronwen is from Wales regards Alistair
        Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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          Thanks Den very usefull info.
          I do have a set of hole punches no problems
          Yes Alistair been admiring the pics of your lathe on photobucket for some time.
          mine is a bit rough compaired to yours ....but I only paid آ£250 for it.
          mine is the round head model non variable speed
          have had it now for about a year.
          when I got mine the first thing I did was to sort out the oilers in the head they were a bit clogged up (indicated by not much flow of oil in the sight glass).......I was unable to unclog them,so had to buy a new set ...think seven of them....آ£48.....from

          Bracehand Limited
          86A Church Street
          SG18 9OA

          + 44 1462 817039
          + 44 1462 816325

          The oil filter is unavalable......
          I cleaned mine by soaking in paraffin then continually sucking it thru with a cobbled up adaption I made, to make a wet dry vac suck on it...after doing this several times with clean paraffin each time ...the filter was clean.
          When dropping the oil from the headstock take the top off.......
          1. there will be a pile of sludge in the bottom that you have to suck out with a small pipe taped to a vac.
          2. and its much easier to fill after.
          slowly as the main leval/filler is in the bottom box.
          btw the filters for a Bear exhaust gas analizer look like they would do the job.
          things I've made for it so far are
          a draw bar using a polski fiat wheel bearing.
          and am in the middle of making a radius atatchment.
          I was very lucky in that this lathe came with four jaw and three jaw ,traveling steady and taper turning attatchment
          have found and bought since ...
          original S&b
          micrometer stop.
          and s&b faceplate plus set of hardinge 5c's.
          still looking for fixed steady.

          also have parts manaul and opperating instructions.
          all the best........mark

          yes i live in Prestatyn North Wales
          cant speak welsh though

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            if you hear of a taper attachment or any other stuff let me know laddie! well done on your buy Alistair.
            Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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              how about
              Change gears:
              127Tooth, 120T, 70T, 60T, 40T and 35T. (These are useful for cutting metric threads on an Imperial lathe)
              آ£8 each for the 70, 60, 40 and 35T sizes. آ£10 each for the two larger sizes.
              and a
              Lever operated tailstock.

              these are for sale by the guy who sold me the face plate...that was about a month ago ...if your interested i can dig out his phone number for you
              btw whats photo 22
              all the best...mark


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                ........I made replacement felt wipers for my 11" logan pretty much the same way. I bought a 10' foot long piece of F-1 that was 1" wide and .250" thick. I wanted thinner but it was unavailable from them in that grade.

                This F-1 is dense stuff. To cut it thinner I captured the piece between 2 parallels and pressed a single edged razorblade straight down. Ideal thickness would have been about 3/16". It was no problem to cut to shape for the 'V' ways. Naturally those for the flats were even easier :-).

                My Logan has shaped stamped steel retainers for them and once loaded I pressed the felts down against the bed and then tightened the attaching screws. Done deal.

                It was so easy I even milled some aluminum for retainers and put wipes on the tailstock too!

                Son of the silver stream ..... Bullet caster.


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                  How much does the guy want for the lever operated tailstock also will check out what I need with changegears my model is pretty much automated but I will read the handbbook again my tel number is 01369 70 1511 if you want to give me a buzz sometime regards Alistair Ps I have no idea what 22 is I am still trying to find out
                  Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease