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    I have a ventless indoor wick type kerosene heater and the price for K-1 fuel in my area is crazy $9 a gallon! I can get jet A kerosene for $3 a gallon. The guy at the local oil distributor says it fine for heating. Any experience with jet A fuel in indoor heater?

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    I don't know about that style of heater but a friend uses diesel in his forced air kero heater.

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      You might be able to perform a test by using a couple of "makeshift" wick lamps using some cloth in cans of each fuel, and lighting them outside. If they burn about the same, you can be pretty sure it's safe. I have heard that jet fuel is much more volatile than K-1, but also that it's really the same as Kerosene.

      You also might want to check heating fuel dealers who service customers with 275 gallon tanks like I had for my house's two large vented heaters when I bought it in 1977. I think it was about $0.50/gallon then, and I was concerned because I used as much as 5 gallons a day. I soon switched to Kero-Sun unvented heaters, and I still have one called the "Moonlighter" which is like a large Kerosene lamp. For a while I just drained the fuel from the tanks, into 5 gallon cans, for the portable heaters. Now I can get the fuel at reasonable cost, probably about $3/gallon, at Southern States, Ace Hardware, or the Royal Farm store.
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        Jet A is a bit heavier than Kerosine, with generally 8 to 16 carbons per molecule, as opposed to 6 to 15 for Kerosine. Yes I googled it.

        So presumably the heater should be OK, as it would get nearly the same mix with kerosine or jet A.

        SOME jet fuel is quite volatile, JP 4 is about half and half gasoline and kerosine. Not so for Jet A, which has flash point of 100F, considerably higher than gasoline (around -40F).

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          Ask this guy:

          He's the man when it comes to kerosene heating. Terrific customer service.


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            I looked at the website & recomend the MR filter on the top right. I'd buy a gallon of Jet A & try the heater outside but I think it will work fine. Just don't stand behind it during runup.
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              Just an FYI.
              I used to be a pipefitter welder. One of the contractors I worked for got a job installing filtration and tie in piping for Jet A to the carrier (another pipeline) of a major airport. Essentially Big Oil 1 lost the contract bid to Big Oil 2 (the customer).
              The kero ( #1 fuel oil) line came from the refinery to the customer's breakout tanks. One of the tanks was revalved to run through a series of large filters (slab concrete was around twenty yards) and from there to the carrier.
              Nothing more than very "clean" kero.