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O.T. Computer security adding advertising to my mail

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  • O.T. Computer security adding advertising to my mail

    So, not sure if "it" will do the addition to this post but just noticed that one of the security apps I use has begun to tack what is essentially advertising on to the emails I am sending.

    Any thoughts on how I can remove this, it should not cause an issue for me but I can see how it might for some of the people that get my messages (universities and such have some pretty strict protocols) .


    if it matters, very recent and I did notice yesterday there were a couple of periods with a lot of computer activity when there should have been next to none, I was working on "internal" text that is what it was...

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    Supplying complete information may result in receiving usable answers. Which security app? What do you use for email?
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      Sounds like you have picked up a virus that sends spam with your e-mails. Run your virus scanners (more then one) as a first step if that fails to pick up anything...........................
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        Originally posted by loose nut View Post
        Sounds like you have picked up a virus that sends spam with your e-mails. Run your virus scanners (more then one) as a first step if that fails to pick up anything...........................
        Yep.... usually the only thing that comes in with the security software is nagware about updates.

        BUT, you may have gotten a "legitimate" adware program through a site that adds "extra-ware" to what you download. Many hide a "decline" box somewhere, some actually require the download of the "extra-ware" or they will not function.

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          I tried to keep up to date on security software on one of my old computers. All they seemed to do was slow down the puter.

          My last three puters now have had no virus protection what so ever and they all run great! My last was a windows vista puter which still works great but in a on going "throw money at the problem" deal I went threw I bought a new pter with windows 10 on it (puter I am on now). Turned out it was my ISP the whole time which I knew and continued to call them on but they insisted it was something on my end. After all new wires from the street pole to my modem, new modem, new router, and new computer I finally got them to come out and fix their problem with their wiring.

          Anyhow even with my new puter and windows 10 I have no protection what so ever on it. Not a single problem yet. My old puter with vista never had anything on it and never a problem either. The puter before that with windows XP on it also never had a virus protection program on it and also never had a single problem with it until the socket where you plug the charger into broke. My super old tower and monitor desk computer also on win XP also has never had a virus software on it and also still works and the kids use it for gaming.

          I feel it is all marketing and a cash grab. I also feel the programs themselves "ask" for problems, spam, and threats.

          But once again this is just me, maybe I have gotten lucky over the last 15+ years?


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            Do you have the email scan function enabled?

            Yes? Disable it. The software I use inserted all kinds of crap into my emails and slowed the upload/download process down enormously.

            It's kind of stupid honestly -- if you get a random email with an attachment from someone you do not know... and it's a ZIP file... odds are is a virus. It's that simple and I do not need a scanner to tell me this. Why? Because I am not stupid.

            A lot of the functionality these protective service suites offer is aimed at the low-end of average. I do not need sites scanned in realtime as I surf. I do not need each and every file scanned on my computer every four hours for changes, do not need hourly rootkit scans.

            Will not sit here and say "it's never happened to me/won't happen to me" because it has. I've learned a few things over the years that keep me safe in conjunction with a good basic scan function.
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              I tend to rely on virus scans to prevent infections. It's so much better than having to clean up an infection after your computer is contaminated.

              When worked as a consultant, I was post master for some large businesses. Part of my service was to prevent viruses, worms, trojans and other malware from reaching the clients' desktops. For brevity, I'll use the term virus for all of them.

              At a company of 40,000 people, tens of thousands of messages per day passed through my systems. A hundred viruses were detected on an average day, and on some days as much as 20% of all messages were the same virus. The new viruses were the worst, since they would get past most scanners for the first day or two. Fortunately I was able to create a filter that did a good job of detecting suspicious payloads and isolating them. During the time I was running mail systems, not a single virus made it through.

              Of course, there are other ways to get infected. My web servers are probed all day long for weaknesses that would allow someone to take it over.

              When there IS an infection, you don't always know it. The good ones do NOT disable your computer. They use it. They do often disable the ability of the virus scanner to find it.

              The reason that I'm saying all this, is to emphasize that the bad stuff is out there, and it's on it's way to you. A cable modem often acts as a firewall and does some good when it comes to blocking probes. But if you are using an MS product and no firewall and virus scanner, there's a chance that you already have some malware hiding on one of your systems.

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                Avast!, the free version and mostly GMail. I have not noticed the little Avast! symbol on my Hotmail/Outlook but only use that maybe 10% of the time.

                The Avast! logo appears after some space following my last line of mail, and states, "This email was sent from a virus free Avast! computer."


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                  Does this help:
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                    Thanks, Rich, very much appreciate the link.

                    Hopefully it stays away...reading some of the comments, it appears as if Avast! is working at putting it back in when you remove it. In a way glad to see I am not the only one and can understand why esp those who use the paid version. Can sort of understand from their view for the free version but still, not telling anyone up front...sort of thing that has always rubbed me the wrong way.

                    Thanks again.