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  • OT: Metal Bending

    Recently been looking to get into some ornamental bending as well as various small bar and tubing for repairs. I'm not looking to do production work, and don't need the hassle or expense of hydraulics.

    I also don't always know what I am going to be bending so reasonably priced dies are good.

    I looked at HF and other similar products but I'm not a big fan of them.

    I came across these ones and they appear to be Made in the USA (which I am big on) and have a good warranty. Pricing seems good to me.

    Anyone have any experience on what I should look for?


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    That type of bender works pretty well for a wide range of projects. If you have a mill you can make your own dies easily and cheaply.
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      by the time you buy the tooling package, you are most of the way to the cost of a hossfeld.
      and a hossfeld will do 100 times more, and has hundreds of dies available.
      there are almost always hossfelds on ebay for $500 to $600.
      Several companies make aftermarket tools for hossfelds, there are videos and bending manuals available, and they will have much more resale value than one of these.


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        What Ries said, though don't turn your nose up at a gloat worthy Diarco either.


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          I have the HF version, but I've never used it. Looks like it might be useful. I didn't know you could do edge bending.

          I've been thinking about getting or making a press brake. I have a HF 12 or 20 ton press, also never used, and basically you just need to make a 90 degree "knife" to press the metal into a V-groove that could possibly be made from angle iron. I've seen the DIY kits on eBay:

          For about $2000 and up, you can get an "ironworker" that shears, bends, punches, and so forth.

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            A search a board here should turn up a shop built knock off of this type of bender built by Evan.

            These benders are very popular and effective. I have a Chicom knockoff. I have used it a lot to make some neat stuff. A well equipped shop can make any dies for solid or hollow shapes. Beefing up the design can allow for hydraulic bending.

            Press brakes are easy to build. Another search here should turn up a few different shop built brakes. SWAG off road also has a popular press brake kit.
            Design to 0.0001", measure to 1/32", cut with an axe, grind to fit