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    single shot muzzle loader pistol, black powder of course
    san jose, ca. usa


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      How about something that moves? I think with three days to build a project something like a Pinewood Derby style car could be a lot of fun. The nice thing about something like this is you can make a car work with a block of wood and 4 disks, or you can start adding things like radio controlled steering, power, and suspension.

      As an aside, I think this is perhaps the coolest 1:87 scale model I've seen:

      I'm not trying to derail your thread, just give you some insight into the radio control bit.


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        I like that. Should be brass and well polished.

        Originally posted by radkins View Post
        How about a round tuit, we all need one of those!
        Paul A.
        Golden Triangle, SE Texas

        And if you look REAL close at an analog signal,
        You will find that it has discrete steps.


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          It would be nice if you could make 3 of whatever you plan to build so you each can take one home to enjoy.


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            I was too cheap to buy one. The piloted tap wrench makes the task easier. I used a Cotter for the post clamps. The materials were off-cuts and "scrapbinium".

            With 3 grown men "playing in the shop" for three days you might want to build a couple of BS Grinders.

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              How about a set or two of 3 to 4 ton machine skates? They're expensive to buy and always come in handy. One could build the rollers, another the frames and the third could build the rotating tops, handle and storage box.